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Sunday, August 13, 2023

Former Mayor and Politician, Germán García Reynoso, Killed in Tilancingo, Morelos

By "El Huaso" for Borderland Beat
Image: Journalist Jaime Luis Brito Twitter
Former mayor and politician, Germán García Reynoso, was gunned down in Tilancingo, Morelos this weekend.

On Saturday, August 12, he was ambushed and killed while driving his pickup truck on the dirt roads outside Tilancingo, a small community a five minute drive southwest of Coatlán del Río. Photos of the crime scene show his truck on its side, with at least 14 bullet holes in the front windshield. Blood streams out of the capsized vehicle onto the dirt road.

García Reynoso was the mayor of Coatlán del Río from 1988 until 1991, and was a local congress representative between 1994 and 1997, but had retired from politics for some time. He was working as a pork farmer, reported Proceso. It is unclear why he was targeted, but two years ago, his brother Epifanio García, also a pig farmer, was killed at his butchers shop. Proceso reported the reason may have been for failing to pay extortion.

A local criminal group called Los Capetos has been accused of similar crimes in the region. Los Capetos are involved in extortion, cobro de piso, and kidnapping, mostly in Coatlán del Río. Last June, seven Capetos members were arrested in relation to kidnappings in the region.

Several members of Los Capetos were captured in Coatlán del Río in connection with kidnappings on 6/30/22.


  1. Two brothers killed. Tomorrow, more will die. This crime like many others will go unpunished. Thanks for sharing Huaso.

  2. Morelos has been fairly quiet until now, no?

    What’s the situation like there overall?

    1. Quiet?? i dont think so, if you are curious to find out look up el diario de morelos. they post most of what happens in morelos and surrounding areas.

    2. 9th in homicides this year, just over 600 so far. Its not as hot as Guanajuato or Mich, but there is lots of activity. Mostly low level crimes and spillover from nearby states.

    3. It depends all on your location. I am sure that you can go to gto for vacation, without noticing anything above the normal everyday crime.

    4. Definitely. Lots of safe places in GTO. But, over time the violence is spreading. San Miguel used to be free of crime. Now, every now and then, the violence usually only seen in Celaya and Leon appears

  3. puro muerto de ambre cobra quotas.


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