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Friday, July 28, 2023

The 5 Methods the Trilateral Fentanyl Committee is Proposing to Combat the Drug

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On July 25, 2023, Mexico’s Secretary of Security Rosa Icela Rodriguez hosted U.S. Homeland Security Advisor Dr. Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall and Canada’s National Security and Intelligence Advisor Jody Thomas in the second meeting of the Trilateral Fentanyl Committee to propel and expand actions on our shared commitment to combating the trafficking of synthetic drugs.

US President Joe Biden, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau established this Trilateral Committee, comprising high-level representatives from the three countries, during the North American Leaders’ Summit on January 9-10, 2023, to guide priority actions to address the illicit fentanyl threat facing North America.

The three co-chairs reaffirmed commitments to jointly confront the deadly scourge of synthetic drugs and discussed the steps we are taking to fulfill them.
  1. Intensifying and expanding prosecution of drug traffickers and dismantling criminal networks

  2. Targeting the supply of precursor chemicals used to make illicit fentanyl and inviting action by private chemical and shipping companies to prevent diversion

  3. Preventing the trafficking of drugs across our borders

  4. Promoting public health services to reduce harm and demand, educate individuals on the risks of substance use, and provide treatment to those seeking it

  5. Creating an expert working group to identify challenges related to respective legislative and regulatory frameworks associated with precursor chemicals, and related equipment. Also establishing an agile mechanism to promptly share [information on] emerging illegal drugs and drug trafficking trends

Dismantled Labs in Mexico

In her speech, Rosa Icela Rodríguez mentioned that the cooperation between the three countries is based on a relationship of "absolute respect for the sovereignty" of each one of the nations, since she indicated that the opioid crisis is a "humanitarian issue" that requires of regional efforts.

She assured that Mexico has acted to stop the operations of criminals who produce synthetic drugs, through their arrest and the dismantling of clandestine laboratories where the drugs are manufactured. She also pointed out that in the government of López Obrador, 1,788 "clandestine processing centers where synthetic drugs were made" have been disabled. This represented an economic impact on organized crime of more than 1.6 trillion pesos.

Likewise, she accused criminal organizations of "Using Mexico" as a transit territory to traffic this type of illegal substances, which are produced with chemical products that are brought from Asia.

Arms Trafficking & Migration

During a prior meeting including Mexican President AMLO and the US, the two countries also recognize that discovering, disrupting, and dismantling firearms trafficking networks is critical to shared efforts to combat illicit fentanyl, and stated that they will remain committed to addressing firearms trafficking that contributes to violence and destruction on both sides of the shared border.

The leaders also discussed the challenges and progress in cooperation regarding regional migration and committed to continue to forge a region-wide response, guided by the principles in the Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection. To that end, the United States and Mexico committed to further expanding the availability of legal pathways throughout the region, including to Mexico and the United States. Leaders also discussed expanding joint development work in Central America and maintaining strong consequences for irregular entry at our shared border.

Finally, the United States and Mexico committed to furthering ongoing work to modernize and advance infrastructure projects that support border communities and benefit both nations and strengthen bilateral relationships and security.

Canadian Fentanyl Network Sentenced in US Federal Court

Three foreign nationals were sentenced in the District of North Dakota for their roles in an international fentanyl distribution conspiracy.

Daniel Vivas Ceron of Colombia was sentenced today to 27 years in prison. According to court documents, Ceron, while in prison in Quebec, Canada, was the leader and organizer of an international criminal enterprise that distributed large amounts of fentanyl. 

Using a contraband cell phone from inside the prison, Ceron and co-conspirator Jason Joey Berry of Montreal, Canada, arranged shipments of fentanyl and fentanyl analogs from China to Canada and the United States as part of the criminal enterprise.

The distribution of these substances in the United States led to 15 overdoses, four of which were fatal, and 11 of which caused serious bodily injury.
On July 24, Berry was sentenced to 24 years in prison. Berry coordinated the acquisition of fentanyl and fentanyl analogs from China, the receipt of the drugs in Canada, and the further distribution of fentanyl products to the United States.

On July 17, co-conspirator Xuan Cahn Nguyen, aka "Jackie Chan," 43, of Point-Aux-Tremble, Quebec, Canada, was sentenced to 22 years in prison. Nguyen assisted Berry and Ceron in acquiring fentanyl, distributing the drugs to the United States, and collecting the narcotics proceeds.

Operation Denial has led to 31 defendants charged in the District of North Dakota and three defendants charged in the District of Oregon. The investigation has resulted in nearly $1 million in cash and property forfeited from members of the organization.

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    and an in depth analysis from switzerland with more background.

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  13. Prescription drug addiction is climbing and prescription drug deaths have surpassed cocaine and heroin deaths. Every time I read the drug news is all about Mexican cartels and their drugs. Nothing about pharmaceuticals.

  14. Canada is where the real fentanyl epidemic started… thanks to the all “lax ports” allowing a shit load coming in straight from China…

    Almost makes you wonder if it was a test-bed for what came to America… and now the rest of the world.

    I have family in Italy who updates me on how even there, it has hit, and there are tent cities now all over places like Rome…

    Makes me sad.


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