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Sunday, July 16, 2023

Forced Labor And Punishment, Those Rescued In Another Rehabilitation Center In Angostura: Sinaloa

"Char" for Borderland Beat

This article reposted from NOROESTE 

A citizen complaint led authorities to search the site located in La Reforma, where they found 39 people being held against their will.

The 39 people who were rescued from a rehabilitation center in La Reforma, Angostura, were allegedly being held against their will and forced to work in agricultural fields and shrimp farms.

Authorities announced that the Mexican Navy and the State Preventive Police carried out the rescue operation after receiving a citizen's report.

It was a woman who approached the uniformed officers to denounce that in the alleged center called "Grupo de Rehabilitadores Hermanos Unidos A.C.", they were holding her relative against his will and forcing him to work in the fields, according to a press release.

"For this reason, in a coordinated manner, Semar and PEP personnel went to the indicated site, and upon arrival they met with three people who were outside the building; at that moment they heard cries for help coming from inside, so they asked to enter, which was achieved when they were given access," it says.

Upon entering, they noticed the presence of 39 men, who gave multiple testimonies of being involuntarily admitted to work as day laborers in agricultural and shrimp fields without being paid, in addition to being beaten as punishment.

They also pointed out the three civilians who were outside as the people in charge of the center, who were detained, according to the authorities.

The complainants and the accused were handed over to the agents of the Public Prosecutor's Office Specializing in Violence against Women, Trafficking in Persons and Vulnerable Groups so that they can be held accountable as required by law.



  1. Los pusieron a trabajar por drograditos haha

    1. Yeah after they fed it to them

  2. CDS nenas are really quiet 🤣

  3. Oh wait they built some church out in some shit hole town with 100 people in population its ok if they rape and kill.

  4. I learned a few things living in Mexico for 5+ years and one of the most important is that nothing is as it appears.

  5. How does three people hold 39 people hostage and force them to work?

    1. With addresses to family home, threats to harm family, videos of what happens to others who attempted to flee, what happens to their children...blah blah blah.

    2. The same way CDS forces white boys in Kentucky to work for them: by showing them pictures of their relatives and all their addresses.

    3. Looks like it was a rehabilitation center, easy tj forget your druggie family members after you put them there to get “helped.” I was sent from Los Angeles Ca to one in Tijuana they lied to my family for 8 months saying I was being bad so I didn’t have phone privileges but since I was actually doing good they let me be the guy to put the Netflix movies on well I made a Facebook took me like 2 months cus I had to do it in between sessions and I messaged my dad they were giving me rotten food and beating us if we said anything we weren’t supposed to(they let us talk on phone with the guards there) so he came the next day and got me they just manipulate your family now imagine you have no family. Your fucked if they just pick you up.

  6. CDS people from Culiacan are afraid to be sent to another state in Mexico to fight…. Like Sonora or Zacatecas and Chiapas. It’s easier to stay home and kidnap and murder locally.

  7. “Things are really peaceful in Sinaloa , unlike Michoacán” -CDS delusionals


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