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Sunday, July 16, 2023

Army Seizes 2 Houses In Culiacan; Unknown if There Are Any Detainees

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The first was located in Villa Portaalegre and the second in the Cedros sector.

Two houses located in Villas Portalegre and Colonia Cedros were secured by the Army and the State Preventive Police.

The first seizure took place during the early hours of Saturday morning, when authorities arrived at a house located in the private Villas Portalegre, on Los Conquistadores Boulevard, almost on the corner of Norma Corona.

The second house was secured in the Cedros sector, very close to the first place.

We are currently awaiting a court order to enter, carry out a search and establish what was seized.

At the moment it is not known if there are any persons detained for these operations.



  1. One of Sicario 006 safe house.

  2. The Army shot up the place, those that were in there are dead.

    1. What location are you talking about???

  3. Since there is a huge military presence in Sinaloa, now it is the time for them to go after Ismael Zambada García and Los Chapitos.

  4. Awesome, let's see what happens when the Chapitos get murked for selling fake drugs laced with fetty. In my neighborhood if you make or sell fetty you get chop chopped and your whole family will be disappeared... ROBERT DENIRO STYLE 💉🎲

    1. 🤣🤣 quit dreaming

    2. And what neighborhood would that be?

    3. someone took to much meth or fent and is delirious people never see the bigger picture this was made by the US to enter mexico kill their population and civilians are the only casualties its a win win for the red white and blue this is another oliver north type shit and 1980s crack epidemic fentanyl has been out since i can remember watch fatal beauty with whoopy goldberg you will see what i mean they knew this was going to happen

  5. Snithcaloa master scum buckets selling fentanyl I’m their 🦜


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