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Saturday, June 3, 2023

Woman Accused of Working With Cartels Expelled From Mexico, Returned to SC

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South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson announced that a woman accused of trafficking drugs for Mexican drug cartels was recently taken into custody after being expelled from Mexico.

Officials said Jennifer Nicole Burns was indicted in the State Grand Jury “Las Senoritas” investigation last year and charged with trafficking methamphetamine.

According to officials, the “Las Señoritas” investigation was named because several of the main targets were women that fled to Mexico to escape prosecution in the United States.

Officials stated that Burns allegedly fled to Mexico in March 2019 following another State Grand Jury Case. They added that Burns had reportedly been living in Mexico among the Jalisco New Generation Cartel members and sourcing drugs directly from the Cartel.

Officials explained that Burns and other suspects would allegedly coordinate with inmates in South Carolina using contraband cell phones to have drugs, primarily methamphetamine, delivered to co-conspirators in South Carolina who would pick up the drugs and reportedly distribute them throughout the Upstate. Officials said from February 1, 2021, to December 14, 2022, they seized over 25 kilograms of methamphetamine and 30 guns as part of the investigation.

The US Marshals and the State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) coordinated Burns’ return to the US. SLED agents reportedly traveled to Houston, Texas, on May 21 and brought her back to South Carolina.

According to officials, Burns was denied bond during a hearing on May 24. She is currently facing up to 100 years in prison. In addition to the trafficking methamphetamine charge, Burns was also charged in the “Prison Empire” investigation with Trafficking Methamphetamine, 400 Grams or More (Conspiracy), Trafficking Methamphetamine, 400 Grams or More, Possession of a Weapon During a Violent Crime, and Possession with Intent to Distribute Marijuana.

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  1. She’s probably one of the only featherwoods to connect directly and live with cartel members in Mexico.

    1. There's been more.

    2. LOL La Reina del Pacifico no es

  2. thats only a little over 9 ounces a week. 100 years sounds a bit much. 8 years maybe but 100!?! damn!

    1. @7:22 Yes, all designed to scare her into playing ball and spilling all her secrets. No matter how much they threaten, staying firm is always your best bet.

  3. You mean deported from Mexico 🦂🦂

  4. Supply and Demand in the South.

  5. Idiot running back and fourth for those clowns - probably pick the stuff in Texas probably get federal charges.


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