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Saturday, June 3, 2023

They Gave Him The Up! By A 'Whistle Blow' And Ocular Identification Technology, Gonzalo Fell During A Visit To Aguaruto Prison

"Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

Culiacán, Sin.- It was a "tip-off", a citizen's report, which alerted security authorities that José Gonzalo Esquer Portillo was going to arrive and visit the Aguaruto prison this Thursday, June 1st.

According to information obtained by Los Noticieristas, someone, a 'finger', alerted and when Gonzalo arrived, they were already waiting for him.

When he arrived as any other visitor to the penitentiary, as per protocol, he was asked for his identification, but logically it was not in his name. He presented a false ID in the name of Juan Manuel Valenzuela Portillo. He was also searched, but nothing illegal was found.

With special attention he was passed to another of the filters, the eye identification technology of the prison, where upon scanning his eyes (iris recognition) it was corroborated that he was none other than José Gonzalo Esquer Portillo, with an arrest warrant in force for aggravated homicide committed in 2018, accused of murdering police chiefs of Elota.

Gonzalo, as he is known in Elota, was quickly handcuffed by prison guards. Elements of the State Preventive Police also arrived and the Secretary of Public Security of the State, Lieutenant Colonel Cristóbal Castañeda Camarillo himself, 'on his back' and with his weapons, immediately went to the prison.

When he was discovered and subdued, Gonzalo was transferred to a cell, where he was isolated, while he was placed at the disposal of the competent authorities pending his initial hearing for the formulation of charges. He is alone, to prevent him from having contact with other inmates, especially with those he was going to visit.

But... who was he going to visit?

It was reported that he was going to visit Julio "N", alias "El Sower", presumably his friend, an inmate of module 5 of Aguaruto prison.

Who did Gonzalo kill?

He is involved in the murder of the director of the Municipal Police of Elota, retired Lieutenant Colonel Ignacio Juárez Rojas and his chief of arms and bodyguard, Alfonso Beltrán Jiménez, who were "lifted" together in January 2018 in a Chinese food restaurant in La Cruz and later found executed and buried in clandestine graves.

Although there are versions that indicate that only the crime of the escort is charged, despite the fact that they were deprived of their freedom together and found dead in the same way, it will be until the initial hearing is developed when the Sinaloa Prosecutor's Office will reveal the details of the investigation folder.

The initial hearing will be this Friday at 3:00 p.m. at the Centro de Justicia Penal Acusatorio y Oral, Zona Centro, in Aguaruto.


My thoughts: Jose Gonzalo Esquel Portillo presented a fake ID with the name of Juan Manuel Valenzuela Portillo. Therefore,  is Jose Gonzalo somehow related to Manuel Valenzuela Portillo known as "Manuelito of Portazuelo"?

Manuel Valenzuela Portillo was described in an article by Riodoce as being under the Guano Guzman criminal tree, and reportedly leading more than 100 hitman in Badiraguato municipality of Sinaloa. 

According to our very smart Borderland Beat readers in comments made in previous post "Manuelito of Portazuelo" was no longer working for Guano Guzman, but has always worked closely with Los Chapitos or Los Menores faction (Ivan, Alfredo, Ovidio, Joaquin Jr.) sons of Joaquín Guzmán Loera. 


  1. Somebody gave him up.
    They blew the whistle on him.

    1. Beta run yo ass to the cops if El E1 coming for you. It's over for fent

  2. Sure, this moron ain't the sharpest tool in the shed for entering the prison with a homicide shadow cast over his head, but you have to admire his chutzpa..
    The fake i.d. must have looked pretty official, and it seemed like all systems go, but it still took balls to try to play it off..
    Big miscalculation on his part..

    1. You realize how easy it is to get an INE in Mexico. How easy it is to get a birth certificate in small rural towns.

    2. They are not fake id’s these people have,they get them where everyone gets them just the name is false,and obviously pay for that id! It’s easy to get a real/fake id in Mexico! What happened here someone tipped them off who he really was!

  3. This does not seem like a very good criminal smh

    1. He was setup clearly… those who work for the cartels tend to follow orders, regardless how evident the risks are..

  4. I'm surprised they have eye identification technology. Isn't that unusual for prisons?

    1. Lol.. great question and observation. Perhaps they used the technology elsewhere… such as his phone.

  5. Sicario 006 must be the director of the prison, jaja..
    The eye-o-meter report is strictly a work of fiction..
    Poppycock, malarkey, balderdash..
    James Bond NOT in da house!

    1. They take biometrics in most prisons

  6. As things in Sinaloa stand right now i wouldn't be surprised if he turned himself in to be in a lil safer environment than out on the streets.. either way people know were you live ..

    1. It could have been like they do in Naples… Someone who was the original suspect for “his crimes” gave him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

      All the money and luxuries desired in jail, while monthly payments to his family.

      Very common and to this day, for mid to high level Camorristi to pay a lookalike to take the fall.

  7. “ah,que buenas amistades
    hice en el camino
    pues soy buen amigo
    de los hombres asociados
    todos mis respetos
    para el chaparrito”


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