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Sunday, June 18, 2023

The Triple Life of Denisse Ahumada, a Councilor in Tamaulipas Accused of Trafficking Cocaine

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Public official from Monday to Friday and alleged mule of the Gulf Cartel on weekends, the young PAN member had multiple identities and dangerous relationships.

Fake profiles on Facebook, dangerous friendships on the web, rumors of high-level love affairs and an alliance with Mexico's oldest drug cartel were the heavy features of the life of Denisse Ahumada Martínez, the now former councilor of Reynosa, Tamaulipas, who was arrested on June 10 for trafficking 42 kilos of cocaine.

A character that seems to be taken from a series about narcos.

What is known about her is worrying: that being a councilor of a city gripped by the drug cartels, she drove her white Mazda vehicle to the northern border, crossed the Hidalgo international bridge and at a review point in the city of Falfurrias, Texas, she was arrested with packages of drugs hidden in hollows in the doors. Worse: she admitted in front of a judge in Texas McAllen that that was not the first time she had transported cocaine.

Denisse Ahumada, detention file.

Despite the evidence, five days later a judge dismissed the charges against her, but the dream of freedom soon vanished, since this Friday she was re-arrested and accused of the crime of possession of a controlled substance.

In the United States they want to verify that Denisse Ahumada was a public official from Monday to Friday and an alleged mule of the Gulf Cartel during the weekends.

But what is not known is even more alarming: which of all the identities of that 34-year-old woman is the right one? Because on social networks, at least, she is known by three different names or aliases. Each one has a particular personality and a hidden facet.

The good girl, the buchona and the diva

On the one hand, the now former councilor had an "official" Facebook profile as Denisse Ahumada Martínez. In it she showed, at first, her life as an ordinary citizen and, later, her activities as an official. She was warm, close to the people and had an intense family life. But it happened that hours after her arrest, that profile was deleted, it is no longer possible to visit her.

Denisse Ahumada Martínez. Regidora

A second Facebook profile shows a radically different facet: it is now called "Essined Montalvo" - Essined is Denisse backwards - and she made posts in full view until September 2021. The profile photo coincides with her, but the affable personality is no longer there. Most of her publications boast about the envy and jealousy she reaps in her path with "buchonas" images, that is, the luxury lifestyle that women long for in organized crime.

"Keep researching and asking about my life, thank you for being my fans and investigating so much about what I do, I say, I publish," she typed on that profile. "I’m leaving everything available as homework so that you can entertain and investigate more, we all have more than 2 Facebook accounts. Greetings and God bless you." [sic]

Among her friends on that social network there are several men who publish images alluding to drug trafficking cartels, cocaine lines, weapons and in general the fleeting life in organized crime. They are the ones who usually give likes to Essined's publications.

That's where the mystery doesn't end because there is a third identity. The local media Circo Urbano republished an interview he did last year with her, in which he confronts her for another hidden identity on the web: in addition to Denisse and Essined, she also called herself "Mónica Robles", the name of a character in the narco series The Lord of the Skies, and her supposedly refined alter ego displaying gold jewelry and self-improvement phrases. The former councilwoman confirmed her multiple faces on social media. 

"The issue there of social networks is because I had security problems; in fact, this morning I still had security problems," she said, again, without explaining how three personalities protected her from alleged threats.

Mónica Robles. Businesswoman

Another mystery is the route which this woman with no experience in public service followed to land in an office with a salary of 42,000 pesos per month from the treasury.

Until two years ago, Denisse Ahumada had only had three jobs, according to her resume: head of sales in a small water purifier business, purchasing supervisor for a metal parts manufacturer and import and export coordinator of a customs agency with 10 offices in Mexico... and one in Texas, where she was arrested.

A response of the labor jump towards the public administration is the civil association Periodistas del Noreste, which on November 27, 2022 published on Facebook that Denisse Ahumada arrived in 2021 to the position of councilor thanks to a shortcut and a trick: first, a boyfriend who helped her get placed and, second, the concealment of her alleged residence outside Reynosa.

Local reporters have their version: "Denisse Ahumada is a plurinominal councilor. Nobody elected her for that position, she came to office because the party in which she infiltrated thanks to the fact that her boyfriend in 2021 was the coordinator of the Green Party, included her in the electoral roll by falsifying residence documents in the hope of achieving a juicy salary and substantial concessions to live comfortably from the treasury for three years.

Once she arrived in office, peculiar facts were uncovered; for example, her quick resignation from the party that nominated her and her sudden alliance with Luis Cantú, El Cachorro, a state leader in the Acción Nacional political party, an institute that ignored her as a militant as soon as her arrest in the United States was known.

Connections between officials and drug traffickers

Denisse's story is the most recent episode of the narco politics in the Reynosa border, a bastion of the Gulf Cartel where the splits known as Los Metros, Los Escorpiones and Los Ciclones fight.

The three armed wings are fighting for drug routes to the US and the five international bridges where the drug moves that alleged mules, such as Denisse Ahumada Martínez, carry by vehicle to McAllen.

The connection between politics and organized crime is not new in Reynosa. Between 2005 and 2007, when former Tamaulipas governor Francisco Javier García Cabeza de Vaca was mayor of that municipality, the Gulf Cartel used to present themselves with municipal permits in public in order to hand out toys to boys and girls every April 30, according to declassified cables from the US anti-drug agency, DEA.

Since then, it is rumored that those who win elections in that border municipality must do so with permission from the criminal company that was once led by Osiel Cárdenas Guillén: all the mayors elected since 2005 - from Cabeza de Vaca to the current Carlos Víctor Peña Ortiz - have been pointed out by foreign authorities, nationals or narco messages from organized crime for their alleged dark ties.

Even, on June 14, the mayor of Reynosa confirmed in a press conference that during the first year of his municipal administration he carried out an anti-doping test on trustees and councilors, and that several tested positive. Those public servants - whom he called "addicts" - are alien to the Morena political party, said the mayor, who assured that he would later disclose their names.

Local reporters who spoke to MILENIO in exchange for anonymity assured that on that list of councilors who use drugs is, precisely, the former official graduated from the International Relations career who went from having an office in the municipal presidency of Reynosa to sleeping in a cell outside her country waiting for a sentence of up to 20 years in prison.

When you know what your destination will be, the only doubt you will have is how you would like to be called: Denisse Ahumada Martínez, Essined Montalvo or Mónica Robles?

The triple life of the former councilor of Reynosa.


  1. Once she found out the federal court was kicking out the charges she thought back to sucking cartel dick for a living. BUT Texas said no young lady our plan is free labor in a Texas prison. I rather do time with the feds in a camp snoopy than in a Texas prison. Time for The Star Fish Lounge...

    1. I wonder how much time she is facing

    2. @12:56 PM. Story says up to 20 years.

    3. 12:13
      Have you ever done fed time?

    4. You stupid af. Rather go to state than feds for drug case. Shows how much you know dummy. Feds you get 20 for a drug case you doing 18. State you get 20 for a drug case you’ll do 3-4 max. Lol she’s going to get deported to so no parole for her. She’s winnning

    5. @2:19 you must be smoking crack while playing on your mom's computer, but in TX, you need to serve 1/3 - 1/2 your sentenced before you are ELIGIBLE for parole. That's 6 1/2 years to 10 on a 10 year sentence.

    6. “she thought back to sucking cartel dick for a living” - 😂 bet she did tough that. But shit her whole political career she has dick riding. kena 19 y su primo el “dago” puro Wei pinchis golfas pónganse a jalar como hombrecitos.

    7. 6:52 you a damn liar 🤣🤣🤣 seen mfs with 10yrs go to TDC on a drug case and do 18 months. Drug cases aren’t 3g nor Aggravated. You don’t do time on drug cases dumbass. She will be out WAY sooner than the feds and deported so no parole. Like I said. She’s winning

    8. Perhaps so but on a federal case you’re going to serve 85% of the senates. No exceptions.

    9. @6:52 naw you’re wrong bud. Received 12’yrs for 6 kgs back in 2003. Only served 18 months. Went to half way house and then the streets. Finished parole 2014 at home.

    10. 18 months OK you got lucky; are you back in business or back to your old ways.? Seen guys like that getting chain always bragging.

  2. Tejanos or those who have been incarcerated in the state prisons of Tejas, aren't the prison sentences 50% of whatever the sentence is when non violet or not a life term?

  3. There's some explanation for this turn of events

    the argument her defense came up with was weak and easily disprovable

    The prosecutor didn't even seem to try hard

    and it's obvious from the evidence presented and now this reporting, that she knew exactly what was going on

    judges are different, but many people caught trying to pass through a checkpoint claim ignorance, and the evidence is almost always against them

    Three phones is a start. Deleted text messages.

    Did the feds mess up here? Usually it's state charges than federal. And catch the car not at a checkpoint but at a car stop for some pretext.

  4. Borderland Beat, please find the background on Feds dropping charges, seems like there is more to the story. DEA, CIA involvement???, you just dont come across the border with 42 kilo's get caught and get released 36 hours later.

    1. The Federal judge is the one that decided on it.

    2. 4:00
      There was no CIA or DEA involvement. The federal judge issued a bad decision. The feds are free to refile the charges or to seek and indictment in front of a grand jury.

    3. They already made arrangements with the state that’s the only reason they were dropped. They don’t drop charges cause they didn’t have a warrant or whatever else bs they said. Trust me if you get caught with drugs especially a large quantity like that if you’re not working your case off they don’t just drop charges cause THEY violated one of your rights. Nah that shit will go to court and only way they’ll acknowledge they violated your rights is you bring it up on appeal. They give the idea that our rights mean so much , but I’m reality they don’t. Cause if the justice system wants you well it’ll have you one way or another. She may be working her case off. It’s very weird they let her go so the state could pick up the charges it’s usually the other way around.

  5. Make up does wonders

    1. Still not working wonders for me to hit that.

  6. Not much different than the Chapo diputada. I wanna see who she's willing to throw under the bus and what shes willing to sacrifice to save her own skin.

  7. All u dumbas-es are wrong 👉👉👉👉👉Drug mules or couriers are considered to be drug smugglers by federal law in violation of 18 U.S.C. §545. See, e.g., United States v. Bradley, No. 3: 16-cr-50008 (W.D. Va. Jan. 5, 2022).

    The federal smuggling law provides for 20 years’ incarceration upon conviction, and states:

    Whoever knowingly and willfully, with intent to defraud the United States, smuggles, or clandestinely introduces or attempts to smuggle or clandestinely introduce into the United States any merchandise which should have been invoiced, or makes out or passes, or attempts to pass, through the customhouse any false, forged, or fraudulent invoice, or other document or paper; or

    Whoever fraudulently or knowingly imports or brings into the United States, any merchandise contrary to law, or receives, conceals, buys, sells, or in any manner facilitates the transportation, concealment, or sale of such merchandise after importation, knowing the same to have been imported or brought into the United States contrary to law—

    Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.

    Proof of defendant’s possession of such goods, unless explained to the satisfaction of the jury, shall be deemed evidence sufficient to authorize conviction for violation of this section.

    Merchandise introduced into the United States in violation of this section, or the value thereof, to be recovered from any person described in the first or second paragraph of this section, shall be forfeited to the United States.

    The term “United States”, as used in this section, shall not include the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Wake Island, Midway Islands, Kingman Reef, Johnston Island, or Guam.

    Of course, most AUSAs will not move forward in prosecuting a drug mule on this charge alone. They will look at the law enforcement investigation for facts to support adding lots of additional charges often connected with federal drug smuggling crimes.

    1. Today I got a chance to wash my car. It was really really dirty.
      Stupid birds pooping all over the place.

    2. Birds Aren't Real..

  8. Drug mules convicted in federal court must complete the entire term of their sentence, which means many years behind bars (5 years at the minimum). Drug Mules Can Face Enhanced Federal Smuggling Charges: 21 U.S.C. §960 For any drug courier facing a second smuggling conviction, the sentence goes up to a 10-year minimum. If the facts of the case provide evidence that death or serious bodily injury of an individual was caused by the smuggled illegal substance, then another federal statute allows for an enhancement of the punishment. Under 21 U.S.C. §960, the mule can be sentenced to life imprisonment and a $10 Million fine.

  9. So all y'all need to stop getting shi- twisted ... The punishment I listed are the FACTS not twisted lil lies u guys come up with

  10. Remember Grupo Zinzzero they got caught with same Drugs worth over 2 million and they already playing music again, so don't know what's going on .

  11. Seems like the DEA gave her an offer, she probably sang for a couple of days then walked away too the State of Texas. The DEA probably said we can't control what these other guys do, Sorry.

    Anyway it is or plays out she is in a world of trouble. Even if she could walk away the guys she worked for would probably off her because she smells strange all over.

  12. Your “ facts” are from google with no connection nor district where she was caught. It’s not even fed no more so nothing you posted matters 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. She looks like a meth head without make up.

    1. For her probably the worst part of her arrest was the publication of that foto. She's hating that.

    2. She's hating that foto being out there.

  14. Can you imagine pushing for an anti doping campaign within the government entity that you “work” for and then turn around and fail that exact test yourself. All while apparently moving dope for a Cartel. What a crazy time to be alive

  15. I think I got it

    The officers at the stop which is not an actual international border did not establish probable cause

    They either didn’t follow right procedure because of the prior knowledge from an investigation

    Or in spite of some ongoing investigation these guys made a mistake and derailed it with a bad search

    Or there was no investigation and refer to first scenario only it was just bad search by CBP

    But if that’s the case how does Texas establish charges?

    What happens is they use CBP to say well she had a weird answer or she looked suspicious

    But really they had alerted them to the car and model

    I don’t know I can’t get this one exactly yet

  16. So she is obviously a "hustler"and very fucking slick just based on her "resume"!But why would they use someone like her instead of some throw away like they usually do?Maybe this was a side hustle?Cant figure out why she would get her hands dirty for someone else.And as a side note every body taking shots at her looks would still 100 percent fuck her but she would never fuck you!

  17. You might Not do all the time at TDC but no write ups help your parole hearing and No AC like at club fed only a fan you buy at the commissary and if you get written up depending on your violation you to G4 ad seg and don't mess with the guards and that's not counting the gangs MM ; TS or the Mutts of all the Tangos so take your pick boys depending which Unit.

  18. She'll do time at Gatesville and then deported before going going to CCA to wait for her Bus to the Border: she wanted to play with the big leagues those are the consequences but many people don't care to live a normal decent life they continue on and on.

    1. Good ole Core Civic of America.

    2. 3:07 etc border patrol messed up, should of let her go

      ongoing federal investigation that would of concluded whenever the feds were ready to shut it

      any controlled substance above 400g can be prosecuted as a federal offense

      fed time is above 80 percent while state is 33 percent, depending on your behavior

      did 50% of a 4 year sentence because I spent 10 months fighting the charges, as soon as I got to TDC I was ready for parole but since all my time (10 fighting/2 waiting for chain) had been at county parole board denied me and had to serve them a year before being released to CCA Houston

      (How dirty can the government be? Was willing to sign a 20 after being offered a 14, if the government was willing to put their witness on the stand. Instead they reduced the charge to a 2nd degree felony which carries 2 to 20, received 4 at the end. I know their informant, wanted him to burn himself on the stand. Denied!

  19. She looks more like 54 than 34 the short lives they live they think the party never going to be over only a drugged up crash dummy would want her But there's no Buchanan in gatesville only tepache.

    1. 🎶 que le sirvan tepache. No,no 🎶

    2. Hope they all get kill


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