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Sunday, June 18, 2023

Chilpancingo, Guerrero: Missing Family Appears On Video Confessing to Heinous Crimes

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Four members of a family reported missing in Chilpancingo, Guerrero, reappeared in a video posted on social networks on Thursday.

These four people were reported missing last Friday when they left Chilpancingo, Guerrero, heading to the community of Palo Blanco.

In the video released on Thursday morning, you can see the 4 people, with their hands tied and sitting on the ground, along with three other individuals, who confessed to some of their crimes in front of their faces.

While being recorded, the men confessed to having committed atrocious crimes, ordered by a man they identified as Jesus, alias El Eme, from Corral de Piedra, through his lieutenant, who they said they knew as El Chino, El Bambi or El Uno, and his assistants El Cero and El 15, as reported by Irza.

One of the confessed crimes was the execution of the doctor near the Aurrerá Sur establishment, "because he provided health care for members from the Los Ardillos gang," said one of the men.

Likewise, the murder of a young woman in the Club Verde pool hall; a lawyer and his companion, including that of the journalist Fredid Román Román. However, for this last case the federal government reported that David Barrientos, alias El Deivi, alleged leader of the community members of El Ocotito, had been arrested.

In the video that began circulating on WhatsApp, the participants identified themselves as Elizabeth Catalán Olalde; her husband Eloy Peralta García; her son Diego Gael Peralta Catalán, alias El Júnior or Guarachín and his girlfriend Brithany Castro Santiago, as well as three other men who claim to be Jesús Alejandro Tlatenpa Maldonado, alias El Trucha; Concepcion Aguilar Portillo and Víctor Hugo Jiménez Caballero, alias El Chilango.

On the other hand, this morning, relatives and friends began a march for the four people who were reported missing since last Friday, which left the Margarita Maza de Juarez Park in Chilpancingo, demanding that they be found alive.

Meanwhile, the State Public Security Secretariat informed that it continued with the search operations, where elements of the State Police, in coordination with the National Defense Secretariat, the State Attorney General's Office, the State Commission for the Search for Persons and members of the Lupita Rodriguez Collective, carried out a search operation in the localities of the municipality of Chilpancingo.


  1. El Bambi ? Now that is nickname that will scare the contras

  2. Idk man, they seem to be reading a script. But I’m sure some of these assholes are guilty of doing these crimes.

    Im wondering if they’re affiliated to Los Rojos due to their boss being from Corral de Piedra.

  3. The source for this story is Yvette Vasquez. It might mean something to some people.

  4. Some guys looks Pakistani or has Indian descent.

    1. Mexicans n Pakistanis have alot of similarities

  5. and lets face it what wouldnt you confess to at some point

  6. You only want the pain to stop..
    At some point you will try to convince your tormenters that it's your grandmother that's got the information they seek..

    1. The evidence of these victims ''heinous crimes'' rarely get followed up- All 8 committed Heinous Crimes? Often they are in debt and no longer have control and end up completely beholden, then the entire family end up like this, reading from a script that the people higher up the ladder should be reading. 3 men, and an entire family is slandered and immortalised as HEINOUS CRIMINALS having served their purpose as the second to last stage of propaganda. Posts like this are the last stage. If I'd killed them I'd be toasting Sol Prendido all night long for tamping down the idea they might have not deserved it.


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