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Friday, June 23, 2023

Jaumave, Tamaulipas: The Grupo Escorpión Interrogate Several Zetas

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

A three man team of assassins from the Grupo Escorpión, armed wing of the Cartel del Golfo (CDG) appear on film. Kneeling front and center in front of them are four captured individuals who claim to be members of the Zetas Vieja Escuela (ZVE). 

The name of their respective boss Carlos Roel Collazo Rodriguez aka Chuy 7 is mentioned within their interrogation. Along with a crime that was recently committed by the captives. 

During the questioning a woman’s voice can be clearly heard in the background. In all probability the prisoners were surrounded by a large number of operatives from the Scorpion Group. At this time it is highly believed these four men were killed off camera afterwards. 

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario: Give me your full names. 

Captive #1: Arturo Nicolas Estrella Carranza. 

Captive #2: Hector Orlando Rodriguez. 

Captive #3: Tele Francisco Hernandez Reyes. 

Captive #4: Oscar Andres Cervantes Pacheco. 

Sicario: Which cartel do you guys belong to?

Captive #1: The Zetas Cartel. 

Sicario: Where were you guys apprehended?

Captive #1: Here in Jaumave, Tamaulipas. 

Sicario: Where were you going?

Captive #1: We were on our way to see a priest. 

Sicario: On whose orders?

Captive #1: Adan. 

Sicario: Is Adan your commander?

Captive #1: Yes. 

Sicario: Which type of support do you guys receive from the Jalisco New Generation Cartel?

Captive #1: I don’t have that information. 

Sicario: Who is the boss of the cartel that you guys belong to?

Captive #1: Chuy 7. 

Sicario: Where is he currently at?

Captive #1: Truthfully it appears that he’s in Monterrey, Nuevo León. 

Sicario: Who is this individual known as El Apa?

Captive #1: I don’t have that information. My orders came down through phone calls. 

Sicario: What other crimes have you guys been involved in?

Captive #1: Just that of a woman. 

Sicario #1: Who dispatched you guys for this?

Captive #1: El H. 

Sicario: Who killed this woman?

Captive #1: My friend here El Charal. And I finished the rest of the work. 

Sicario: Where was she disposed of?

Captive #1: In a wooded mountain range. 

Sicario: Which type of support do you have from the government?

Captive #1: I don’t have info about the government. We were just sent the orders and that’s it. 

Sicario: How much were you going to be paid to take out the priest?

Captive: According to the intel it was supposed to pay ten thousand pesos. 

Sicario:  How long has everyone here been working for this organization?

Captive #1: I’ve been working here for about 3 months now. 

Sicario: This goes out to all the filthy Zetas. The state of Tamaulipas already has someone to look over it and it’s surely not you filthy fools. Don’t get involved with innocent civilians. There are codes, honor, and respect that are to be followed here. 

Yours truly, Grupo Escorpión. Cartel del Golfo

*Video was sent by an anonymous source  Borderland Beat Archives


  1. You can get paid $10,000 pesos mexicanos to clip a priest?..
    Betcha there's gonna be plenty of ex-altarboys signing up for when those job openings become available..

    1. I wonder if they were really in Jaumave. I’ve not heard or read of Escorpios anywhere near SLP and Ciudad Victoria?

    2. You haven't heard or read of any Escorpiones in Cd. Victoria or SLP??? Seriously???!!! The Escorpiones are the ones who run Cd. Victoria and they are the ones with the most control of all the CDG factions in SLP. Where have you been???

  2. CDN are the Zetas loyal to Z40 and Zetas Vieja Escuela are the ones that want it to be like the original Special Forces????

    1. No ZVE just doesn’t want to work for the Treviños. That’s what the split was all about. Aside from a few leaders like El Pita, El Tlapa, El Rex, and El Chamoy, none of the ZVE have elite military backgrounds.

    2. I still think it’s likely that at least one of these ZVE guys are “playing both sides”… who knows, maybe Chuy is that guy?

      Throughout the whole Grupo Bravo thing, and even until now, we haven’t heard mierda from or about him

  3. Replies
    1. Indios/indigenas, los originales y verdadera gente de todas las Americas. Mis respetos para esa sabia gente.

  4. Codes of honor. That sounds comforting coming from a group of rapists, thieves, murderers and child molestors.

    1. No kidding! Do they say these things to make them feel like better human beings b/c nobody believes these sacks of mierda!

    2. Do you have anything to back your claim of the Escorpiones being rapists and child molesters??? Or you just think that they are???

    3. 6:20 🤦‍♂️ every cartel is! They are criminals! You would be stupid AF if you think any criminal has any kind of honor! Specially killers like this guys, you have to be a cheerleadet to think this guys or any other guys in the game have aome kind of honor, if they did they wouldnt be in a cartel! It really is that easy🤷🏼‍♂️

    4. And 8:52, one more thing, even though you claim that none of them have honor and that they're all rapists and child molesters (I assume that was also you), have you read up on the 14 government security employees that got kidnapped in Chiapas??? They stopped the bus the workers were on which had 40 employees. They took the 14, all men and told the women to remain where they were. That doesn't seem to be the actions of rapists. Rapists would of taken all the females, but not 1 female was taken. Tgere is honor in that action....Just wanted to share that with you being on the topic and all, just to show you how ignorant af you are. Acting like you got it all figured out when you really don't know sheeeet!!!!

  5. I had a friend who went by “Checo Pacheco”..

    When I asked why he had that name, he said:

    “Cause I like getting FUCKED UP mane!”

    1. 1:57 was his name Sergio?

    2. Honestly… I never asked him what his real name was lmao 🦉

  6. Behind Jaumave two pristine rivers meet at the foot of the mountains. A most beautiful and tranquil place for a swim. Mexico is both shocking in its beauty and danger.

  7. I was wondering why everything was quiet with the war. With El Pawa being arrested... chuy sierra is now the ZVE commander of San Fernando. I highly doubt they will lose this battle...they have a lot of troops on their sode

    1. Gtfoh zve is almost extinct. They were ok and they switched sides and now their on the way out. If anything metros or jaliscas will have to help fight for san fernando.

    2. 8:48 thats what you think, if that was the case San Fernando would of been taken a long time ago, and now with the backing from Metros they are set, right now Metros are with the help from Jalisco are the ones making real 🧀 and some rats want it but wont take it

    3. Escorpión on top lol

    4. 12:20 on top of who? They had to get help from CDN, their "most hated rivals" again, once you work with the CDN you become a CDN 🤣

    5. 9:11 San Fernando has already been taken what happened to el pawa? Lol it’s common knowledge

    6. 6:33 the only common knowledge is matamoros got kicked the F out by the federales 😂

    7. 8:26 right that’s why el pawa was arrested and they cried about escorpiones receiving government in various mantas🤣

  8. Scums. Pinches malnasidos nalgas aciertas se los cargo la verga.

    1. What does "la verga" mean in English? Google says something like "the dick". 🤣 I hear cartel members saying "la verga" all the time in cartel videos.

    2. 5:17
      You answered your own question.

    3. 5:17
      A beaner uses "verga" like a gringo gabacho uses "fuck"..
      Think of all the variations these knuckleheads could come up with in different ways to use verga..
      Like a wero american saying:
      what the fuck
      fuckin' A
      get the fuck outa here
      fuck that
      that's fucked
      'fuck you say?
      I'm fucked,
      the list goes on and on..
      Back in the day, girls didn't use the word..
      Then bad girls started saying verga, but not the good girls..
      Now I hear it coming from the mouths of a majority of the fairer sex..
      Maybe I should rub elbows with a more genteel crowd that talks more politely..

    4. Another funny similarity between Italians and Mexicans…

      Italians use “cazzo” to say fuck (in any form) and cazzo is slang for a dick

      Sicilians; same thing.. they say “minchia” for fuck while it also means dick

      P.S. anytime you see -CH together in an Italian word, it translates to K (there is no K in their alphabet)*

    5. @5.17. Reminds me of the Donnie Brasco Scene where Johnny Depps character is trying to explain the subleties of ''Fuggedaboutit'' to a couple of DEA men.

    6. FBI not DEA pay attention when you see the movie or rent it on Spanish: pon

    7. Donnie brasco was stupid enough to waste 6 years of his life in danger and away from his family just to put away some Mob guys? At least get extra income for it like betting on the ponies and don't tell your boss he doesn't tell you anything either.

  9. Escorpiones Control San Fernando since they patrol Soto la Marina where the americans got car Jacked because that road leads to San Fernando. If they didn't control San Fernando they would be cut off from reinforcements. Last night the fighting is now in all points of Reynosa, the Metros stronghold. Escorpiones are fighting them all over the city. You don't see that happenning in Matamoros Escorpiones strong hold.

    1. 9:51 they hired the CDN, thats low, yea they tryed but got sent back in a coffin, they dont control San Frrnando, thats why last week they were crying to the Metros to stop helping ZVE in San Fernando, and since metros ignore them they had to make an alliance with the CDN thats why they went into Reynosa

    2. Facts!!! 👍🏼

    3. 3:25 Who was crying to los Metros???!!! Straight comadre spreading rumors and propaganda. It just goes to show que corriente eres. The Escorpiones told the Metros that they didn't understand why they got in a war that wasn't theirs, but that it was all good. That they had enough to give all of them. Stop making shet up

    4. 6:28 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 "They had enough to give all of them" but they ask CDN for help 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 and you know that's a fact

    5. No, I don't know about matamoros asking CDN for help. What I do know is that they're both talking trying to work out a peace/truce deal and that they're fighting the Metros, and the Panteras, along with ZVE and CJNG as well, and they're doing it with no other cartel in the trenches with them. If CDN does end up siding with Matamoros and jump in those trenches with them, it would still be 4 against 2. So I don't know why you're acting like the Escorpiones are in a fair one with one oponent and you loving every minute of it, when in reality, 4opponents are trying to jump on one but that one opponent is not only holding his own, but actually might be winning the fight by a little to alot. It's an evolving subject so time will be the one to let us know how things transpire.


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