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Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Honduran Prison Brawl Leaves at Least 41 Women Dead; Several of Them Burned to Ashes

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A brawl between members of rival gangs Barrio 18 and Mara Salvatrucha MS-13, which occurred, on June 20, 2019, inside the Women's Center for Social Adaptation (CEFAS), located about 20 kilometers from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, left at least 41 women dead and multiple injured.

Although the National Penitentiary Institute has not commented on the matter, sources quoted by the Honduran newspaper El Heraldo indicated that the number of women dead amounted to at least 41.

Images circulating in the various social networks and press groups showed stacked corpses, others charred and some with bullet wounds, scattered in different areas of CEFAS, where some 900 women and 23 minors, their children, are held.

Yuri Rolando Mora Carías, director of the Public Relations, Education and Communication Division of the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Honduras, said that five Forensic Medicine teams had been sent to the CEFAS prison and that there were at least 25 charred corpses.

"When there are charred bodies it is more difficult to recognize the corpses, but it is done with DNA, teeth or if there are fingerprints that can be read," added Mora Carias, quoted by the local newspaper El Heraldo.

According to sources, the massacre allegedly began when the inmates locked up several rival women and set fire to the modules. Early in the morning, residents of Tamara had reported hearing cries of despair and gunshots in the prison.

Even neighbors of the sector shared on social networks videos of the columns of smoke coming out of the prison. The wounded women were taken in patrol cars to the Hospital Escuela.

Semma Julissa Villanueva Barahona, vice minister of Security and director of the Commission for the Intervention of Penal Centers, indicated through her Twitter account that she would now apply "a heavy hand in the woman's prison of Támara".

"We will not tolerate acts of vandalism nor irregularities in this prison. Immediate intervention is authorized with the accompaniment of firefighters, Policia Honduras and military, an emergency is declared," added the federal official.

In the CEFAS prison "vandalism had returend and women, with weapons and ski masks, set fires", but the fire was controlled by the Honduran Fire Department, added Villanueva Barahona, who was appointed by the Honduran president, Iris Xiomara Castro Sarmiento, to lead an intervention in the prisons of the Central American country.

"I am shocked by the monstrous murder of women in the CEFAS prison, planned by gangs with patience and in full view of security authorities. My solidarity is with family members. I call the Minister of Security [Ramón Antonio Sabillón Pineda] and the president of the Intervention Commission for their accountability. I will take drastic measures!" tweeted the Honduran president.

Honduran authorities announced on April 18, 2023, a set of measures to bring order to the Central American country's prisons, involving the blocking of cell phone calls, a real disarmament of prisoners and the classification of inmates by dangerousness.


  1. So much trauma, the damage runs deep.

  2. What only 41 died.
    Ohas is going to sue the prison for not having water sprinkler hook up, for fires.

    1. “Ohas” is definitely going to sue them. 😂 😂 Hope Ohas has Lawyers on standby for their Hondura’s Location.

  3. Good riddance, genders on both sides are straught up killers

    1. Keep it real bro,act like a man get fucked like a man

  4. Semma Julissa Villanueva Barahona, what did she in the past beside cash in on gob job? And now she talks of vandalism. Not a single honest sentence came out of her mouth.

  5. Tambien las mujeres pueden

  6. It’s an internal war military trying to regain control again they just got handed over the security of the coast from the police and they trying to regain jail control from police they the ones orchestrating the masacres in the streets and jails All of these things where taken away from them when the new president took charge in 21


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