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Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Chetumal, Quintana Roo: Sergio Avilés Demeneghi Suffers An Abduction At The Door of His Home

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Local media in Quintana Roo reported the kidnapping and subsequent release of the presiding magistrate of the Electoral Tribunal of Quintana Roo, Sergio Aviles Demeneghi.

Sergio Avilés Demeneghi, president magistrate of the Electoral Tribunal of Quintana Roo, was "abducted" by a group of armed people at the door of his home. The video was released on social networks, which unleashed alarms due to the growing wave of insecurity in this tourist destination.

In the video you can see how Avilés Demeneghi arrives at his home located in Chetumal, on Tecnológico de Veracruz street aboard his truck. While he is getting some things out of his vehicle, another car pulls up and a couple of subjects get out of it. When Avilés Demeneghi realized that he could be a victim of a crime, he tried to flee, but was caught by the other individuals.

A second vehicle arrives at the place from where another subject gets out and takes something from the magistrate's truck. Subsequently, he gets into the vehicle in which he arrived and both units that participated in the "abduction" disappear from the view of the security camera.

In spite of this, two hours later the official was released, showing bruises.

 So far the authorities have not given their version of events.

Diario de Yucatán  Zuleika Caceres


  1. Fun Fact: Mayos Brother was killed back in the 90s in front of his home in QR. he was a politician of that state.

    1. It's fun to know life was lost.

    2. Your such a good person, you know that. Lol

    3. With brotherlove make you radical. Without make you leave.

  2. Quintana Roo, Cancun it's that where, they say in here HEARST likes to vacation?

  3. Soy wero, living in mexico..
    I was walking down the street with mi amiga and her 12 yrold son, a SUV pulled over suddenly quite close to us..
    As my stoned, primitive brain was just starting to grasp that this was possibly a levanton in progress, I couldn't help but notice la mamá y su hijo were already exhibiting defensive body language, like it was something ingrained in the beaner psyche..
    Turned out it was nothing, just somebody pulling over, and I can understand how a helicopter mom is always looking out for her boy, but the kid, too?..
    When I was twelve, my only concern was whether the Yankees were gonna win the World Series..

    1. Mr 🦎 how's life in Acapulco?

    2. Thanks for asking..
      Acapulco weather
      33° celcius at 3:30 in the afternoon..
      I double the 33 (66)
      Add 30 (96)
      Then subtract 3 to get 93 farenheit degrees..
      It's HOT, but 3 months of monsoonal rain, hurricanes, cyclones, and earthqakes coming up..
      It's a weekday, so SOME of the 35 million inhabitants of the valle de Mexico are not here, crowding me..
      Google El Sol de Acapulco Policiaca for reportage of the grim barroom murders last couple weeks..

    3. Lizard Boy
      Is so bored he answers his own question.😭😭😂

  4. Can anyone touch base on what a “ magistrate of the Electoral Tribunal” equals to?

    1. I think less serious than a gas man.

  5. He was taking his sweet time messing about with shit in his car. I think Mexico has become as dangerous as Johannesburg South Africa. You don’t mess about in transitioning from car to house, especially if you’re a judge or politician in dangerous areas that cartels operate in. Get you ass behind your security doors asap. I’m not sure of the laws in Mexico but I’d for sure carry a handgun and have a shotgun at home. No way would I let the goons take me. It never ends well.

  6. What is "Nueva Familia" and how to pay them via the police in Solidaridad? Can I just have them killed with ex-Zetas and Camorra?


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