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Thursday, June 29, 2023

Former Secretary of Public Security of Acapulco Arrested in Case of Two Missing Marine Bodyguards

“Socalj” for Borderland Beat

On March 5, 2022, two Marines, Victoriano Rodríguez Zurita and Óscar González Andrade, who at the time were attached to the Acapulco Public Security Secretariat, disappeared after being commissioned as bodyguards for Senator José Narro Céspedes, and the then governor-elect and current governor of Tamaulipas, Américo Villarreal Anaya.

Over a year after the disappearance of these two Marines, Lieutenant Commander Maximiliano Serrano Pérez, the former Secretary of Public Security of Acapulco, Guerrero, was arrested on Monday, June 26, in Ahome, Los Mochis, Sinaloa, in a building located in the Topolobampo neighborhood, according to reports from the National Detention Registry.  The arrest was ordered by a federal judge and Serrano was transferred to Acapulco in regards to the case of the two missing Marines. He is currently being held at the Las Cruces prison.

Upon being arrested on Serrano Pérez, acknowledged that he assigned the sailors to the legislator following the order of the municipal president Abelina López Rodríguez. In response, the Mayor said that she has provided "all the information" that the Federal Public Ministry has requested about the disappearance of Victoriano Rodríguez Zurita and Óscar Manuel González Andrade.

The general secretary of the City Council, José Juan Ayala Villaseñor, reported that "the Acapulco municipal presidency does not have the powers or neither legal nor administrative to commission elements of municipal, state and/or federal Public Security to act as escorts neither for public servants nor for individuals."

The Missing Marines

According to the then Secretary of Public Security of Acapulco, on March 3, 2022, the Mayor called him to request two escorts for the Senator, on the pretext that they accompany him to an event related to the Revocation of Mandate. Serrano sent him two escorts he dated the commission documents that same day.

Narro reportedly gave the escorts a 2018 Audi SUV. Updates were reported to the Secretary on a regular basis. But since Sunday, March 5, at 8:00 p.m., he had not heard from them. He called the Senator to ask about the men and the Senator told him that on that night, he had instructed them to "rest for his consideration" and to return to Acapulco the following day. 

The Senator had uploaded photos of that day in the restaurant to his social networks. He had met with the current governor of Tamaulipas, Américo Villarreal, and with a man identified as a financial operator of the Cartel del Noreste, Teodoro Vázquez Barrera, "El Gerry," who has not been seen since as well.

One of the photos from the restaurant meeting featuring the Senator, Governor-Elect, "El Gerry" and the reflection of Marine Andrade.

Narro Céspedes later deleted those images. In some photos that the columnist Héctor de Mauleón later obtained, Narro and Villarreal are posing next to Gerry and four other people. In one of those photos, the face of one of the disappeared sailors, Óscar González Andrade, appeared reflected in the mirrors of a lamp. Presumably, he had taken the photo.

Despite the fact that various documents proved otherwise, Narro denied at all times that the missing men were commissioned as his escorts. Américo Villarreal, for his part, assured that he was unaware of the rest of the guests who were at the meal, including the alleged member of the Cartel del Noreste (CDN).

The following week, on March 7, 2022, Maximiliano Serrano reported the disappearance to his superiors. A short time later he was essentially removed from office and filed his resignation. Before leaving, he assured me that Abelina and Narro had requested the escorts. At the time, in July of 2022, it was stated by the Mayor that Serrano had received a promotion to the Secretary of the Navy.

The families filed an appeal for information and over a month later, it was finally known to them that the two Marines had been involved in the restaurant meeting as bodyguard escorts. Security cameras in the area of ​​their disappearance were also requested, but a month and a half later the footage had already been lost.

When the scandal broke in September, due to leaked DEA cables about the meeting and incidents, Narro and the mayor, Abelina López, denied having asked the Secretary for any escort. The leaked documents listed various bank transfers involving "El Gerry" and the future Tampauilipas Governor, Américo Villarreal.

US Ambassador to Mexico, Ken Salazer, denied that the leaked cables "are not from the US." This could be interpreted a couple of different ways, but he most likely meant that the US had not leaked the documents. President AMLO claimed the accusations of the CDN cartel financing a Morena campaign was misinformation and that it was political attacks by Morena party opponents as Villarreal was the future Governor.

The mayoress of Acapulco denied having sent the sailors. "That I didn't send the sailors, that I didn't sign anything, that I don't know anything." Narro declared that he did not employ escorts, that the sailors were not at his service, and that he could not know what had happened to them "because I am not a public prosecutor."

However, in a statement made before the CDMX prosecutor's office, the Senator admitted that he had requested it, even through a letter dated March 2. Narro accepted that the bodyguards (who he supposedly had not requested) had met him in a restaurant in Coyoacán, and that "a third person" accompanied them. He said he let them know their support was no longer needed.

Sources La Silla Rota, Borderland Beat

Graphics by HEARST


  1. In other news,Hipólito Mora dead! Leader of the original autodefensas

    1. Que lastima deveras.

    2. Saw the news. Like Hipolito said before "do not trust the government." They sold him like the dudes motioned in this article. AMLO sin huevos mejor se pone a hablar de amamdas como las de los corridos tumbados. Pero el mismo saluda narco abuelitas y sus pinches fat ass kids listen to the same dump. Double morale at its best.

    3. Hmm. How do you think he funded his businesses? Just like Mireles. All were in the dope game. What is acceptable? Moving thousands of packs of cannabis and tar. Years later establish phony auto defensas. Or just push weight. People need to stop being naive.

    4. @1125; and you should immediately cease unfounded accusations based on your speculation. If you were aware of history here you would know 1) chilangos think the world does not go beyond DF/CDMex and 2) when government ignores us businesses fund mercenaries and or autodefensas with legitimate money. We did it in Mazatlan, SIN from 1997-1999 and now we do it in Leon GTO. Private industry equips our protection better than what the Mexican gob does.

    5. 12:58 There are facts to my comments. Here in the central valley I know older people who knew these people very well. I know sons of dead fathers who were their friends. Your comment does not pertain to mine nor illustrate the big pucture of mine, you evade the truth.

    6. 1057 You blame the president like it was him who pulled the trigger or gave the command. Stop acting like Michoacan has always been an exemplary state for the rest of the nation to look upto? Why not put the blame on those who actually committed the crime? Why not put the blame on yourself for not doing enough? Hipolito Mora was never running from the government, malandros from Jaliscos, Guanajuato, Sinaloa, Tamaulipas or Politicos from el DF. He was running from his own people, his worst enemy was another Michoacano.

    7. 9:09
      Hablador has let the criminal cartels get out of hand. Cjng has been expanding big time.

    8. 443 I know younger people that say Don Mencho at a taqueria in Downey, California eating al pastor. I also know older people that saw Don Mencho in a Pomona Home Depot buying a new screen door for his novia's house. It must be true, right?

    9. 9:09 He asked for help and people knows they were hunting him. Guess what Amlo say it’s not our business and since Elmo is the commander of whatever bs that makes him responsable to some extend for not supporting true Mexican people who wants to defend their towns of these don’t matter the state or political bs. But almo prefers to argue about the corrido culture instead of taking action like he should. Sorry but he’s incompetent and for what he has show not a true Mexican patriot like he likes to be call lmao

    10. 1115. He asked for help and was offered a place to stay in Morelia where he would be "safe" but he refused the help. He was still given an armored vehicle and atleast 2 bodyguards if not more. You want to blame everyone but those responsible. Michoacanos killed him, not AMLO. There's a video of the armed convoy leaving the scene in no rush. Why didn't the townspeople do something? After all, weren't the townspeople a part of Hipolito's autodefensas?

    11. @9.09
      El presidente de Mexico, no mas servi para las mordidas.

    12. all the folks blaming amlo have deep wishes for a new "Führer" i would say.

  2. Hey are you guys gonna look into comandante Aurelio of los chapitos recent capture in Sonoyta sonora? Rumor is he killed a Yuma, AZ man (US citizen) in el golfo de Santa Clara, south of San Luis Río Colorado. And heated up the plaza and the us government put pressure for his capture and was captured by Mexican authorities in Sonoyta. Aurelio’s victim was transported via car to San Luis az border crossing to get medical attention in Yuma but didn’t make it. And succumb to his injuries.

  3. There was yahoo story that mora got killed in ambush? I remember him close friend with the doctor from Michoacán.

    1. Yes yes and yes yes send the link to BB.

    2. Sorry mate, I don’t know how to send link to you guys. I old school, I just click link and read and sometimes make comments. Lol

  4. Greetings Comrade Putin.
    Shout out to Wagner Group

  5. Seems to me that it was astoundingly foolhardy for the bodyguard to snap a photo of government officials breaking bread with criminals, if one accepts the presumption that it was indeed taken by the bodyguard. Was he ordered to do it?
    And why would the politicians consent to this?

  6. Es tan lamentable como se vulneran y atropellan los derechos de los seres humanos, ¿Porque se perdieron tantos valores?. Pobres Marineros salieron a trabajar y nadie sabe de ellos. ¡¡Que porquería de personas hay en esta triste sociedad!!...

  7. Good there is a follow-up to this story,the story was very suspect when it came out.


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