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Thursday, May 18, 2023

Journalist Maria Elena Ferral's Murderers Sentenced to 30 Years In Prison

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

At the sentencing hearing against three people implicated in the murder of the late journalist Maria Elena Ferral Hernández, who was killed on March 30, 2020.

The corresponding judge found sufficient evidence to declare them guilty for the murder of the journalist, being last Friday when the judge gave her ruling.

Othoniel 'N', Alfredo 'N', and Carlos 'N' were sentenced for their role in the homicide, which occurred on Mina Street in the city of Papantla.

The unfortunate events occurred when the communicator left the facilities of the former Notary's office number 6 to go to her car when she was intercepted by the assassins, who shot her in different parts of her body.

That day, Othoniel 'N' was the person who was driving a motorcycle where she was traveling, the murderer of the journalist, while Carlos 'N' and Alfredo 'N' carried out surveillance of the movements of Ferral Hernandez.

This data was integrated in the investigation folder 046/2020; after the field work; these suspects were arrested in different actions; one month after the crime and others implicated in the following weeks.

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  1. Jsutice for journalist Maria Elena Ferral Hernández!

  2. Out of the 30 journalists killed in Mexico, only 2% are solved.

    1. 8:50
      having trouble following the math..

    2. 2 percent of 30 is only 2 arrests.
      Also caps at beginning of sentence and one period at end.😂

    3. 6:44
      it seems like 2% of 30 equals 2/3 of ONE arrest..
      not trying to be a nitpicker, I just never understood fractions in school..
      geometry and algebra?
      .. don't even go there..

  3. First time I see Justice being done against innocent in mehico.


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