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Tuesday, April 11, 2023

"This Is What I Get For Being A Rat," Shout Alleged Thieves "Punished" By CJNG: Ocotlan, Jalisco

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

In videos shared on social networks, three alleged robbers are seen parading through the streets of Ocotlán, Jalisco. Two of them have their hands tied. They shout: "this is what I get for being a rat". They are escorted by men wearing vests with the initials of the Jalisco Cartel - New Generation.

GUADALAJARA, Jalisco, Jalisco (Apro) -- Through different videos shared on social networks, three men, two of them with their hands tied and one carrying a poster board, are seen being forced to shout through the streets "this is what I get for being a rat," while they are escorted by armed men dressed in tactical clothing and wearing vests with the initials of the Jalisco Cartel - New Generation (CJNG).

Behind them, a pickup truck is seen driving slowly and from there, through a megaphone, a man tells them to "shout at him.

In another video, the alleged robbers can be seen walking barefoot, one of them with his shirt and pants torn, and now they are escorted by motorcyclists.

In a third video, armed men ask the detainees to get together, and begin to kick and hit them in the head. They ask them to "shut the fuck up", and warn them: "if you steal again you will go to hell".

The comments of the Ocotlán residents who recorded the videos are surprised.

Last October, the federal government sent 200 members of the National Guard and the Army to guard the municipality of Ocotlán, after residents demonstrated to demand the departure of the armed forces for alleged abuses of authority.



  1. Very important to remember that Ocotlan is a CJNG key plaza in Jalisco.

  2. “Let this be a lesson for those that arent linked to us will not be allowed to steal”
    Wow im surprised they didnt get chopped up over that bs like they normally do in guanajuato. Thats good they went light on some though maybe winds are changing with the hits they are taking to win more people over.

  3. Where’s the video of them poking some dude in the anal with a stick for punishment they love to make fun of cds but there just as homo it’s all over narcofootage on Reddit you know they say Jalisco is the land donde los hombres se dan pero entre ellos mismos

    1. 9:45 one thing is to poking a dude with a broom stick as a punishment and another is to do it with your own hard meat stick 🤣🤣 a straigh dude would never get a boner when having a naked bent over dude in front, let alone straight up fck him😂😂

  4. criminals = government

  5. Replies
    1. I just played it on my phone and it works bro

    2. 10:24
      Time to get a new phone, forget the old Nokia phone.🤣

    3. Why you got the latest Iphone?lmao

  6. My mom is from Ocotlan, family runs deep there. CJNG has complete control. These kids will be forcefully recruited into their ranks and put on the front lines in Zac or Guana

  7. Jalisco no less and these roll round without a worry?


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