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Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Helicopter Overflight Reported In Different Neighborhoods Of Culiacán: Monday

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

A helicopter with its lights off flies over some neighborhoods in Culiacán. Photo: 

Los Noticieristas

Culiacán, Sin.- On Monday night, citizens reported the overflight of a helicopter with its lights off, in different sectors of the capital city of Sinaloa.

So far it is not known to which corporation the aircraft belongs and if it is supporting any operation that is being implemented by land.

According to the complainants, the helicopter has repeatedly passed through Libertad, Buenos Aires, Cañadas, Infonavit Humaya, El Palmito, among other neighborhoods in the city.

It is expected that the corresponding authorities will provide official information as soon as possible, since the overflights have generated uncertainty in society.

LaMasakr3 Twitter Account reported law enforcement raids in different neighborhoods in Culiacan.  

"#Culiacán, #Sinaloa 

There was an operation last night in the Villa del Río, Díaz Ordaz, Barrancos and El Diez sectors, among others.

Sighting of between 3 to 5 helicopters flying over without lights."



  1. Animo Sicarios !
    Gente Nueva Special Forces testing out a silenced BlackHawk (Boludo) helicopter !
    The pilot is a tier 1 Operator who was trained by an ex Colonel of the 24th Special Tactics Squadron.
    These guys can land a helicopter even in the most remote sections of the Golden Triangle of Sinaloa.
    .HALO jumps too !
    No se asusten gente de Culican es solo practicas y entrenamientos de los Commandos SAS del CDS

    1. El E uno was circling his neighborhood no need to get scared buddies

    2. Calllese porrista 006 alucinado alv haha u smoke good shit

  2. Could it be and I'm sure there is 80% possibility these helicopters 🚁 belong to the Sinaloa President El mayo? Or the mercenary group of El nini?
    PERRO 🐶

  3. It makes me happy to learn there is a neighborhood called Canadas in Culiacan 🇨🇦🍁

    1. its not pronounced canada its cañadas

  4. There is a massive operation under way to capture Ivan El chapos oldest son

  5. Cañada popular name for colonias all over sunny mesiko..
    I think there is a 'la cañada" tribe of zapotecs en Oaxaca..

  6. In Canada traffickers favorite smuggling method into the US is night flights via Helicopters fast and low no lights. I wouldnt be surprised if Ivan is moving around via Heli

  7. Andan unos en Mazatlán también

  8. This is definitely not CDS government, AMLO is on they ass!


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