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Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Los Alemanes Cartel Controls Area Where Over 100 People Were Rescued

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Video translation is as follows:

The stretch of Federal Highway 57 in San Luis Potosi where authorities rescued more than 100 people who were kidnapped is an area controlled by the Los Alemanes Cartel, a subgroup of Los Zetas reported Reforma news. The reports from the Ministry of National Defense were made public after the hacking carried out by the Guacamaya group. The reports also indicate that the Los Alemanes cartel has protection from the San Luis Potosi Ministerial Police, who are called the Ministerial Policemen Cartel.

Members of Los Alemanes carry out the robbery of cargo vehicles on federal highway 57 on the San Luis Potosi - Monterrey stretch. According to the document titled Caso Alemanes, according to Reforma, they store it in their warehouses and then sell it in their stores. The leader of this criminal organization, Alfredo Aleman Narvaez aka Comandante Aleman, was arrested in September 2022. However, his criminal group remains active.  

Another Sedena document also hacked by the Guacamaya Group states that six criminal organizations are fighting for control of San Luis Potosi. The document produced by the second military sector in San Luis Potosi and published by Milenio Noticias states that the state is important for the cartels because it is the intermediate point between Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara. As well as between the ports of Tampico, Altamira, Manzanillo, and Mazatlan. The Sedeña identifies the presence of Los Zetas, the Gulf Cartel, the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, the San Luis Potosí New Generation Cartel, Cartel Unido de La Huasteca, and La Familia Michoacána.

All of these groups are fighting each other for control of the state. The Sedeña also identified the armed wings of the Gulf Cartel. These are Grupo Espartano, Grupo Squalo, El Señor de la P, and Grupo Escorpión. The report details that it is known that an operational cell of the Espartano armed wing of the Gulf Cartel has allied with the Los Alemanes Cartel. But only in some disputed areas. Meanwhile, the Zetas and the Gulf Cartel announced an alleged alliance to confront the Jalisco Cartel in the municipalities of Rio Verde, Ciudad Fernandez, Cardenas, and Ciudad del Maiz.

The Secretary of National Defense also reported the divisions that exist within these groups, such as the separation of the San Luis Potosi New Generation Cartel from the 4 Letters Cartel. This criminal organization was allied with the Espartanos but also split. Milenio notes that the report also mentions regional criminal organization leaders Alejandro Ochoa Gracia or Garcia aka El Ingeniero Cano. He is the financial coordinator of the Grupo Squalo cell.

And it appears that Pablo Misael Ramos Lara aka El Pantera 24 may be El Señor de La P. It is also said that Ochoa Gracia is dedicated to the collection of money from businessmen and businesses in the area of La Huasteca. He is also a member of the transportation union in the town of Tamuin. However, there are no accusations against him because they fear him. As leader of the San Luis Potosí New Generation Cartel, Sedeña points to Jorge Luis Soni Bulos aka El Coquis. The Jalisco New Generation Cartel is led by Pedro Antonio Huerta Larraga.

While his sister Cynthia aka La China is the main drug distributor for the organization. At the head of the Los Zetas cartel is a guy nicknamed Z-49. Meanwhile, the united cartel of La Huasteca was led by Pedro Antonio Torres Andrade and Ramiro Ochoa Gallegos aka El Larry, both arrested.

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  1. Boy this mfken cartel is desperate, they rounded up 100 citizens, like if they were cattle, then kidnapped them, that sounds unbelievable.
    Well then again it's Mexico, where anything goes.

    1. Most of the kidnapped victims were from south America passing through, those Alemanes dont sell much drugs so they are in the kidnapping bussiness i guess

  2. Los alemanes no son un cartel. Que mamadas son esas de andar levantando migrantes como vacas. Ponganse a jalar ustedes eran zetas ya no valen verga son peor que el cdn.


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