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Saturday, March 20, 2021

Soledad de Graciano Sánchez, SLP: The Ministerial Policemen Cartel

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

Denise Maerker: We go now with news out of San Luis Potosí. In San Luis Potosí the president Julio César Galindo Pérez of the local Coparmex was recently assassinated. As well as a politician, a PRI operator who had just gotten out of jail. These crimes have not been clarified. And there are reports that Municipal Police and State Investigation Police are involved in illegal activities. Like the following theft case that we could document.

This is the investigative work of Guillermo Rivera and Jorge Oyuga.

Eduardo Olivares: They took all my tools, pneumatic equipment, welding machines, and compressor. They took away the heritage that I gathered in 10 years of hard and honest work

Male Newscaster: The night of December 6, 2018, Eduardo's tire shop, located on Periférico and Rio Verde in Soledad, San Luis Potosí. Was looted by individuals allegedly linked to the municipality's police. In this video recorded by the C-4 before the robbery, a Soledad police patrol is observed behind a Ford Ranger. Both vehicles stop next to a gas station. And two subjects from the truck interact with two policemen. Another video recorded by a neighbor's camera shows the moment when the Ford moves down the avenue with a trailer stolen from the business itself.

Eduardo Olivares: When they took things from here, the chief of the C-4 (Centers of Command, Control, Communications and Computer), he realized that the Soledad police were involved. And he says to me: look, here’s that truck. And he says to me: go directly to the prosecutor.

Male newscaster: The case was brought up by the Investigative Police of the Prosecutor's Office before the ministerial office. Eduardo affirms that since he filed his complaint his business, which looked like this before, has been dismantled in at least 8 more occasions. He has lost more than 3 million pesos already.

Eduardo Olivares: It’s evident that the Ministerial Police are covering up for the Soledad police, they’re in collusion with each other. Wow! And it’s obvious that organized crime is involved here

Male Newscaster: The State Comptroller was found to have omissions in the investigation. For example, the element of the prosecution in charge of the case, although it obtained the video, didn’t make it available to the competent authority.

Attorney General Frederico Garza: Not all investigations have a quick outcome.

Male Newscaster: Cases like Eduardo's are attributed to the so-called Ministerial Police Cartel in San Luis Potosí. This is a group that’s made up of security elements of all levels. And they engage in illegal activities, such as theft of vehicles, businesses, drug dealing after seizures, and charging civilians for not executing their arrest warrants.

Salvador: The so-called Ministerial Police Cartel emerged in San Luis Potosí in 2013. They are linked to the ministerial offices, such as the State Police, and some Municipal Police. For example Soledad de Graciano Sánchez and some policemen from San Luis Potosí.

Male Newscaster: Have you heard of the Ministerial Policemen Cartel in San Luis Potosí?

Attorney General Federico Garza: Well, I actually have through electronic means on occasion. The great truth is that there isn’t a formal complaint in this regard. If there were a complaint, then logically we would have already acted.

Male Newscaster: With this video from last October it was reported that the police and Soledad's security director Leonardo Aguilar Orihuela facilitated the escape of a subject related to the theft of vehicles. Police Investigator Rosalinda “N”, denounced these crimes. And afterwards her children Daniela “N” and Carlos “N”, aged 18 and 20, were killed in an armed attack on November 11. 

Attorney General Federico Garza: Due to the accusations that she made and warned about some agents, it was ordered that investigative folders be opened.

Male Newscaster: State Police affirm that those who have denounced the existence of the Ministerial Cartel are criminals.

Salvador: This structure is strengthened with the money it receives from all these acts that are illegal.

Eduardo Olivares: I have received threats and I have lived for 2 years in a pure hell.

Denise Maerker: Delicate. This is a very delicate matter the we have  just presented here. When we hear the prosecutor say: “Well, we don’t always resolve the complaints right away, they’re being investigated”. This is a very serious case that should be an absolute priority in the state

Source: Vigilante Huaste


  1. M3 almost got caught.nayriat plaza chief

    1. Stupid. El fresa is plaza boss in guayabitos, M3 was a simple sicario. Dont let these sensationalist titles get you hyped.
      El jardinero controls ALL OF NAYARIT for CJNG.


  2. Ok Enough already
    You greedy no good Law Enforcement
    Take away the guns badges cars
    and throw every dirty cop in Jail now
    The mexican people dont need more crap

  3. Of course, the Zetas state of San Luis Potosi where former policia Fedral director enrique francisco Galindo Ceballos "la Quika", (alias "The Butcher of Tanhuato" fired for that Crime Of State [50 murdered] while serving for EPN) was fired for not passing his confidentiality tests by his replacement, Manelich Castilla Craviotto "the Man Who sold SLP to The CDS for 10 Million Dollars" (NEXUS) and where thw State Police Academy required ZETAS sponsorship to be accepted as a cadet, where La Quika was a zeta fron the start along with his uncle detective investigator and novelist julio ceballos, SHIT COULD NOT BE ANY DIFFERENT EVER!
    THE HUASTECA MILITARY ZONE would be their turf, if the mexican military had not got in their way, tamaulipas, Veracruz, coahuila, hidalgo, nuevo lion, states in the league were stopped on their tracks, but stop their state sponsored criminals? Never! De limón la never!

  4. Olivares won't last long :-(


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