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Friday, April 14, 2023

Arizona State Lawmaker Expelled After Making False Claims of Cartel Bribes to Governor

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Former Arizona Rep. Liz Harris invited accusations of election fraud, cartel bribes, money laundering, and church control of the government during a legislative hearing.

The Arizona House of Representatives on Wednesday expelled a Republican lawmaker who organized a presentation making unsubstantiated accusations that a wide range of politicians, judges, and public officials of both parties took bribes from a Mexican drug cartel.

Rep. Liz Harris, a prominent supporter of discredited election conspiracies, was kicked out of the Legislature in a bipartisan vote after the presentation by an Arizona insurance agent. The lawmaker's ouster came a day after the House Ethics Committee determined Harris had engaged in “disorderly behavior” violating the chamber's rules.

The committee's report said Harris knew the person she invited to a legislative hearing in February would accuse her colleagues of criminal activity, that she took steps to hide it from House leaders ahead of time and then misled the committee investigating her actions.

“This comes down to the integrity, in my opinion, of this institution and us as leaders,” said Rep. David Livingston, a Republican who voted to expel Harris. “This is not personal.”

Harris, who was sworn into her first term in January, did not speak ahead of the expulsion vote. Immediately afterward, she carried boxes to her car, placed them in her trunk with the help of a handful of supporters, and left. She called the ethics report “a lie.”

“God knows the truth,” Harris said, according to a video recorded by a reporter for KPNX-TV. “This was an example of how you need to toe the line. If you don’t toe the line, this is what happens.”

Harris organized a daylong hearing of the House and Senate elections committees in February. In the end, a Scottsdale insurance agent, Jacqueline Breger, gave a 40-minute presentation alleging without reliable evidence that two women working on behalf of Mexico's Sinaloa cartel used fraudulent mortgage documents to launder money to a range of officials.

Arizona Republican lawmakers have given wide leeway for people claiming to be election experts to share unsubstantiated or disproven claims in hearings at the Capitol. But GOP legislative leaders raced to distance themselves from Breger's claims and pin the blame on Harris.

False Cartel Allegations

The allegations came at the end of a daylong hearing of the elections committees in the state House and Senate, which Democrats boycotted. Jacqueline Breger attributed them to a report written by John Thaler, who she said was an attorney with a background in fraud investigations.

Online sleuths discovered the women Thaler accused of facilitating the fraud were his ex-wife and her mother. Thaler has a history of filing lawsuits accusing them of carrying out wide-ranging conspiracies. A federal judge last year dismissed one of his lawsuits, calling it “a delusional and fantastical narrative.”

Thaler responded to a request for comment with an email questioning Toma’s ethics.

“Speaker Toma is in no position to make any comment concerning findings related to election integrity or in what forum they should be presented,” Thaler wrote.

“To our knowledge, none of the people named had charges filed, have prosecutions pending, nor had any convictions made against them,” Rogers said in a statement Sunday night. Rogers is chair of the Senate Elections Committee.

Before she was elected to the Legislature, Harris led a door-to-door canvassing effort searching for proof of fraud following the 2020 presidential election. Her effort drew scrutiny from the U.S. Department of Justice’s civil rights division, which warned about potential voter intimidation.

There was a little public discussion before the expulsion vote. Republican Rep. Alexander Kolodin said Harris “made an error in judgment,” but expelling her would send the wrong message.

“It will be perceived as setting the precedent that if you rock the boat too much, you will be expelled,” said Kolodin, who voted against expulsion.

“There has been real and lasting damage to the lives and reputations of people who did not deserve it,” said Rep. Andres Cano, the top Democrat in the House. “Most importantly, the integrity of this House has been jeopardized.”

Harris represented one of the most competitive legislative districts in the state in the Phoenix suburb of Chandler. Both parties had been anticipating she would face a difficult reelection campaign next year. By law, Harris must be replaced by a Republican. The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors will choose from a list of three candidates nominated by the Republican precinct committeemen in her district.

Sources AP News, NBC News, AP News


  1. wild she did that. tweeting in real life

  2. This is not just “rocking the boat”, it is suborning defamation.

  3. Ovidio Guzman lo trasladan al hospital tras riña con el tres letras de tijuana

  4. So apparently only a former orange head POTUS can make fake claims about an entire continent even whis is South America and suffer no repercussions?

  5. Let me get this right.

    According to testimony given before the House & Senate elections committee in February by Jacqueline Berger, a Scottsdale insurance broker, politicians, judges and public officials in the border state of Arizona are on the payroll of the Mexican Sinaloa Cartel.

    using falsified trust deeds for single-family purchases, successfully traffick drugs/humans through the southern border, etc.

    The bribes are hidden using falsified trust deeds for single family purchases, successfully trafficking drugs, arms & humans through the southern border.

    According to the testimony of Berger the criminal network is run by state Gov Katie Hobbs, other state officials named as on the payroll of the Sinaloa Cartel include, 12 Maricopa County superior court judges, several high ranking state legslators, multiple Maricopa County supervisors, state senate, Ken Bennet, House Speaker Ben Toma, Adrian Fontes, Kris Mayes, & John Giles, the current Mayor of Meza, Arizona.

    Interestingly Mayor John Giles is also Chair of the Immigration Task Force for the U.S. & has generated over $3.65 billion in new capital for Meza. Jacqueline attributed the accusations to a report written by John Thaler, an attorney with a background in fraud investigations.
    Thaler alleges that the Sinaloa cartel uses fraudulent mortgage documents to launder money to a wide range of officials, both Republicans and Democrats.

    Is it really credible that US officials are on the payroll of the Sinaloa cartel?

    1. Her accusations were based on Thaler's report that it was discovered he was trying to accuse and file a suit against his ex-wife and her mother. So no it wasn't credible and thats why Harris was expelled.

    2. It was his ex-wife and her mother that he named/accused as the two woman that were falsifying the real estate documents.

    3. 12:21 Seems like a distraction, the two women working with the cartel is a minor point, the real story is the list of officials supposedly on their payroll. The cartel has huge pockets & money is a huge motivator in society, especially among the professional class.

    4. 12.45. It's not really a distraction, it's the entire story. It's not that 2 women were working for the cartel, it's that there is no evidence to suggest they were, and everything else said by Breger is irrelevant because it all comes from the same poisoned well- Thalers report. Maybe CDS does have reach in Arizona, but if it does this is just a stopped clock telling the right time.

  6. Yep for sure the data tells the story

    1. You mess with El E uno you go down homies, governors have his back lmfao


  7. DEA laundering for the cartels for real

    1. That article is full of conjecture and circumstantial. In fact, one of the claims was refuted during Chapo's trial.

  8. DEA working with Chapiztos Cartel

    1. Lol they actually got a mole in there. You should check the leaked, non public documents that were released on discord.....unless that bs article actually meant the Cia then the answer would be of course because that what the Cia does

  9. Dont care what side Republican or democrat Any USA official should face BIG Prison time for Bribes especially from Mexican Drug Cartels period throw away the keys

  10. Nice socalj always good article


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