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Thursday, March 16, 2023

Shootout Leaves One Policeman Dead And Two Arrested In Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

The confrontation caused panic because it took place in a central area and, in addition, where a CBTIS school is located.

Rio Bravo - Due to the seriousness of his head wound, the State Guard member who confronted armed civilians during a shootout in the municipality of Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas, lost his life.

The confrontation, where two of the gunmen were detained, caused panic because it took place in a central area and, in addition, where a CBTIS school is located.

Although the Secretary of Security of Tamaulipas has not issued any information about the death of the officer, it was reported that he is Cristofer Rivera.

The policeman was initially treated at a hospital in Rio Bravo, but due to the seriousness of the wound and his delicate condition, he was transferred to the Muguerza Hospital in Reynosa.

Here, he was reported as seriously brain dead and finally lost his life.

It is expected that the Government of Tamaulipas will honor the fallen element in the line of duty.

Confrontation causes panic among citizens

A confrontation between elements of the State Guard and armed civilians caused panic among citizens in the municipality of Rio Bravo.

The events began around 2:00 p.m. with chases in the downtown area, but the confrontations took place outside the CBTIS, on Sonora Avenue and in the streets surrounding the Unidad Deportiva Las Liebres.

The detonations caused terror among the students who sought shelter in the classrooms.

Most of the businesses where the confrontation took place had to close their doors, reporting material damage to windows and glass due to the impacts of the bullets.

Public Security of Tamaulipas reported that, "after a confrontation with armed civilians in the municipality of Rio Bravo, an element of the State Guard was injured when he was shot in the head".

As a result of this event, two offenders were arrested, as well as the seizure of firearms, magazines, cartridges, tactical equipment and vehicles to be quantified.

It was also reported that reaction teams from Reynosa and Matamoros came to support the assaulted personnel.



  1. The Gulf doesn’t get as much spotlight as say CJNG or Sinaloa, but they’re history is much richer. And they will always be some faction or group that represents them on that Texas border. One of the more brutal conflicts to come out of all the narco wars was zetas vs. gulf. With Osiel getting ready to get released I’m sure those plazas will heat back up. Unless he strikes a deal with Mayo and they work together. That’s 100% speculation, but mayo is only capo left that is old school like osiel. I had no idea basically most of the leadership in gulf were prior law enforcement officers.

    1. I think Osiel has a target on his back since the day he ratted fools out. People in the business dont let that shit slide.

    2. 903 Which is why he would have a good relationship with Ismael.

    3. Osiel has burned too many bridges. I don't even see Mayo taking him in. If he were smart he would retire in Argentina or Chile.

    4. Oopsie daisy.

    5. Osiel dont need mayo for shit. When he comes out he either takes over the cdg or gets killed. No 2 ways about it and some of them old schoolers still loyal to him are still around.

  2. RIP Police Officer .

  3. Its seems like ratting is just another part of business.

    1. Apenas te estas dando cuenta? You think the term was coined yesterday? People been ratting on and betraying eachother since the days of Jesus, Judas and the 12 apostles. The Italians, Colombians, Irish, Mexican prison gangs and anyone you can think of has done it.

    2. Especially Rappers . They only talked bad about 6ix9ine because he Mexican

  4. Public Safety official, stated "State Guard officer, was injured when shot in the head".
    Why Beat around the bush, why use the word injured, when he is actually dead.
    But, but, but, but Almo says Mexico is safe, no kidnapping, no dismemberment, no extortion.


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