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Thursday, March 2, 2023

Marcelo Ebard Asks G20 Summit Leaders to Combat Arms Trafficking

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"Mexico has emphasized the need to combat illegal trafficking, diversion, unauthorized export, and illicit trade in small arms and light weapons," Ebrard said.

Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard called on Thursday the G20, which brings together the largest economies in the world, to stop international firearms trafficking, due to the damage they cause in places like Mexico.

When participating in the meeting of foreign ministers of the Group of 20, which is taking place in New Delhi, India, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs warned that the war in Ukraine will cause an oversupply of arms, whose trafficking must be avoided, according to information from the Chancellery.

The members of the G20 "should propose among all of us a greater commitment and greater effectiveness to combat this phenomenon because, with the availability of weapons that we now have and the one that is going to be derived from the ongoing conflicts, we are going to have more and more weapons, since greater availability of weapons, also a greater possibility of terrorism and violence," he emphasized.

The head of Mexican diplomacy said that the fight against the international supply chains of illicit drugs, including fentanyl, requires an international cooperation framework to combat everything from production to trafficking and illicit profits.

Source La Jordana


  1. Minister Marcello Ebrand should also mention, that Mexico needs to go after all cartels, that have illegal drugs shipped to Mexico.

  2. When’s the last time a bunch of politicians sitting in a room fixed anything. All talk

    1. What's even worse, is that the masses fall for their empty promises.

      When was the last time the U.S actually stood for global peace? Never.

      When was the last time someone genuinely wanted to combat org crime in México? Never.

      The U.S is the only one that benefits off of Méxicos cartel plague.

    2. 1:40
      You got a valid point.
      Mexico wants something done about guns, rifles, ammo, bazookas coming into Mexico ( Mex Customs checkpoint workers sleeping).
      USA wants illegal contraband from coming to USA, especially Fentanyl.
      How long will it take before something is done???

    3. The people vote for most of them in democracies.

    4. Lots of money went to Ukraine….., was needed on our continent. Us the citizen peons of both countries are much better together.

    5. Yeah good luck with whatever you’re talking about 3:11. Let me know how living in a world with no government is.

    6. 6:45 that would be real freedom

  3. @2:13 you can’t even be mad at AMLO he’s laying the foundation for the next president to combat the narcos I’m seeing it happen

    1. Almo will be known as the weakest president to do something about Cartels. His government let's CJNG, roam freely in 28 states of the republic of Mexico.

    2. 513. Absolutely, his first four years were geared towards infrastructure projects that focus on health, education, transportation, energy, the economy, space exploration, time travel and Human Robots. Now that the stage is set, his last 3 years will focus on making mexico safer. He has the Cartel leaders running for cover. Just look at everyone who has been captured. RCQ, Ovidio, El 85, Huevo Trevino, El Lupe, La Vaca, El Omega and the list will continue to grow and hopefully one day include Peña Nieto, Calderon, Eric Holder, Obama and George Bush Senior. 🤞🏼

  4. Impossible to do that. United States is full of corruption.

  5. Comment US is Not the only country that use's illegal drugs Have you not learned anything yet by reading these story's here. Put a finger on a world globe Gurenntee Mexican Cartels are there selling


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