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Friday, January 6, 2023

Zitácuaro, Michoacán: A Clandestine Grave Is Discovered

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The State Attorney General's Office (FGE) is already investigating the clandestine grave found in the municipality of Zitácuaro.

This Wednesday, the bodies of six people were discovered in a clandestine grave in the municipality of Zitácuaro, the Michoacán State Attorney General's Office (FGE) initiated an investigation into these events.

After the discovery of three illegal deposits in the town of Loma Larga, in this municipality of Zitácuaro, personnel from the Specialized Unit for the Scene of the Crime (UEEC) went to the site to carry out the corresponding investigations.

During the diligence, the experts located in a first point covered with weeds; there they found the bodies of two men of 1.60 and 1.70 meters, respectively, both wearing sports clothes.

Three meters away, they discovered a spot of disturbed earth. When they excavated, they located the body of a third victim, approximately 1.60 meters tall and of slim build.

Upon continuing with the investigation they also located an area where there was an accumulation of earth, where an exploration was carried out which allowed them to locate the bodies of three men, two of them of medium build and one of slim build.

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  1. How about the skeletons that were found in queretaro headed to South Carolina from Michoacán??

    1. How you know your a fed right or a confidential informant

      I can’t stand people who write dumbass shit

  2. Ironic, as I was just texting with Sol saying this was the avocado farming community that I was just invited to come visit.
    A friend of mine, her Grandfather owns an avocado farm there (she currently lives in USA). Ironically and with a straight face she said "oh no, no cartels there, no bribes or extortion for paid for produce to move etc"
    She is well aware of my fascination with the state of Michoacan but I couldn't burst her bubble of the reality of this town and probably the reality of her family ties. Once again, who am I to judge?
    I have read before that frequently for many people in Mexico or from Mexico in these 'hot bed' communities you almost have to succumb to denial just because facing the truth would be too painful or would make it impossible to spend time with your family in this area, let alone, in this case face your father and grandfather for having to participate in criminal activities to merely survive or other motivations.

    1. Well, in Mexico you have no choice but to work with them. Specially with El abuelo and Los viagras. Many avocado growers tried doing everything on their own but got killed and their fields stolen.
      Who can you ask for help?
      Even the autodefenzas turned out to be working for cartels at the end because of pressurefrom government that helped out the cartels.

  3. Michoacan been quiet for a while


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