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Friday, January 6, 2023

Isaac Jesús R.R., Ecaped Inmate From The Cereso Prison Is Captured

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

With this capture, there are still 28 inmates that escaped from Cereso 3 in Ciudad Juarez.

The State Attorney General, Roberto Fierro Duarte, announced that during the afternoon of Thursday, January 5, another escaped inmate from the Social Rehabilitation Center number 3 in Ciudad Juarez was arrested.

The inmate identified as Isaac Jesús R.R. escaped from the border prison on January 1, along with Ernesto Piñón de la Cruz, alias El Neto, and another group of inmates belonging to the Los Mexicles gang.

During a press conference, prosecutor Fierro Duarte explained that early Thursday morning the criminal leader known as "El Neto" was killed, and later Isaac Jesús R.R. was captured.

After a riot and the murder of 10 guards and other inmates, 30 inmates of the penitentiary managed to escape from the prison.

An operation was immediately implemented by the three levels of government, who are deployed throughout the city to try to recapture the escaped inmates.

The capture of this second prisoner took place around 2:00 p.m. in Chihuahua City, which was achieved after an intense intelligence work, which is implemented to locate all the fugitives.

It is worth mentioning that the killing of Ernesto Piñon, alias El Neto, took place after a chase and gun battle, in which the fugitive was injured and lost his life when he was being transported to receive medical attention.

With this capture, there are still 28 inmates escaped from Cereso number 3 in Ciudad Juarez, who are wanted by the authorities and for whom the State Attorney General's Office is offering rewards ranging from 300,000 pesos to 5 million pesos.

El Heraldo de Chihuahua


  1. At the very least one can assume the police are doing what they can and succeeding .

  2. So 10 guards were murdered by the mexicales who used weapons that the guards smuggled into the prison for a few pesos.

    1. Today is Friday.
      Thank God the rains have stopped.
      We are in a drought. The bit of rain we had should replenish some of the missing water.

    2. I read they took the weapons of the guards themselves

    3. @1:43 Of course, the authorities will say that! They look bad enough as it is! Any prison that has VIP cells, private safe, $$$, drugs, alcohol, private music parties, hookers will also have firearms!

    4. @2:42 agreed and especially the state prisons. As I have heard several federal prisons the federal high security prisons are not anything like they were after Chapos first escape - but corruption is still bought but at a higher level than guards and wardens.

  3. Mexico is a Narco state. They need to go after them for a treaty and cease fire or suffer the results look at Juarez starting to be worse than Tijuana goverment needs to clean house.


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