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Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Poza Rica, Veracruz: The Grupo Escorpión Warns Of An Impending Purge

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

An armed criminal cell of six hitmen have appeared on film. For this broadcast assassins from the Grupo Escorpión send out their threatening message against local adversaries following the execution of 11 men in the town of Poza Rica.

In addition they have also imposed a mandatory curfew for certain establishments within the area. These men have been dispatched by organized crime to commence a purge against their opponents. 

Video translation is as follows:

Townspeople of Poza Rica. What happened last night was our entrance into the city.  As stated beforehand in the communiqué, the problem is with these dogs that like to go around killing unarmed policemen and innocent civilians. As soon as we arrive they run and leave their old junk cars abandoned. We’re in position here. Come on out to face the bull. Otherwise, we’ll be coming after you. 

We don't forgive any offense. Chaparro aka El Wacho, you fat ass. Along with your filthy boss El Coco. You were both given a chance and a truce. But we’ve already seen that you can’t keep your word. You guys are better off wearing skirts. You seem to think that by involving people and with that old stupid recording that you've had for years you're going to discredit us. Don't bother playing dumb asses about this.

You know where the hit is coming from. You actually thought that you were going to intimidate us by placing that old bitch of yours that looked like nothing more than a morsel of love. Well, it was a failure on your end. We are old school hitmen, we’re the Scorpion Group. Or rather, The Armed Criminal Cell of Death. I’m taking this opportunity to warn everyone that as of today we don't want bars, cantinas, hotels, or cab drivers operating after 8pm.

Otherwise, they will be taken as targets. In the communiqué we leave a contact number for citizens to provide all the information about these scumbags. So that we can finish this assignment soon. And to all citizens we thank you for all the valuable information you’re sending us. We only ask for your patience as long as this takes to finish. All intel will be analyzed in order to proceed. We are at your service.

José Díaz


  1. Cdg on the offensive.

  2. Hallelujah, freedom troopersons have arrived!

  3. Sounds like this was filmed in an urban area; you can hear car horns and traffic noise in the background. Could support their claim to actually be in Poza Rica.

  4. Grupo Sombra will make a video next starring an unlucky bastard. These guys know no peace.

    1. Is this Grupo Sombra rebranded, CDG from Tamaulipas entering Veracruz or a new cell? Always assumed Grupo Sombra were ex Zetas rebranded so it wouldn't surprise me if they're the same people.

    2. Grupo Sombra is a splinter of CDG and yeah Matamoros group not Reynosa and CJNG-Metros Primito Group

    3. If this is Grupo Escorpion from up north, im assuming they will collide with Grupo Sombra . Im just as confused as you are.

    4. Grupo sombra is either cdg or cdg associated. Grupo escorpion is the enforcement arm of the Gulf Cartel Matamoros faction. The original cdg. There shld be no reason for cdg vs grupo sombra war. Both cells shld be knocking off jaliscas.

  5. Things are heating up in Veracruz this year. It seemed safer last winter when I was traveling around the state. Poza Rica was an ugly city of rude people, but often rudeness comes from fear in Mexico.

  6. Ohhh no!
    Another Purge
    Lock up the house.


  8. Dam this was 35z turf que no?? El Flanders 2

  9. Purge warnings,
    Manta threats

    But rarely action.


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