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Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Hermosillo, Sonora: We’re Gonna Have To Beat Those Mud Flaps Boy!

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Two men appear on film in daylight hours. One is an extortionist and the other a victim who failed to pay for the mandatory shakedown imposed by thugs. 

Extortion is a common practice used by organized crime within Mexico. In 2021, a total of 8,827 cases of extortion were reported across Mexico, up from 7,960 cases a year earlier. 

Warning: Graphic Video

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario: This is what happens whenever anyone refuses to pay every week. You have to pay every week. Ok, now get into position, get into position. 

Captive: Please!

Sicario: That’s only been two licks. And we still have to reach a total of 10 hits. Go ahead and stand up. 

Captive: How many do we have to do?

Sicario: 10. 

Captive: Oh my God. 

Sicario: Stand up, stand up,stand up, stand up. 

Captive:  Please for the love of God…

Statista  La Masakr3


  1. It's wrong and revolting, though if there is a silver lining, the one absorbing the paddling should be grateful it's a slab of wood and not a .45 ACP round as the means of punishment.


  2. Ese pinche panzon cuando le toke va estar de lloron 😂

  3. Did BB ever upload the video where some dude is whacking a Sinaloa and he 💩?

    1. 3:21 dum ass u are,a guy from Sinaloa is whacking another guy from Sinaloa SMH

    2. 3:59 the only dumb asses are those two Sinaloas

  4. Tengan mas respeto el panzon es miembro de las fuerzas especiales

    1. We are the absolute mob of El Señor Barrigon aka el Commamdante Big Mac

    2. Lol
      Asi es mi comandante rambo

  5. Semaforo delictivo shows only 7 cases of extortion in Sonora in November. Of course, extortion of illegal activity would not be reported to police. HMO is a well-governed city, but of course there would be a few petty criminal enterprises.

  6. “Tienes que pagar 10 hamburguesas por semana, nomas trajiste dos, no te hagas or dejo. Ándale, pon las nalgas porque me gustan.”


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