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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Guadalajara, Jalisco: Agents From The Public Prosecutor's Office Were Received With Gunfire

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A man carrying a firearm was detained at the scene.

The Halcón helicopter of the Policia Zapopan is on the scene.

A confrontation broke out in the Postes Cuates neighborhood of Guadalajara, after elements of the State Prosecutor's Office of Homicide were shot at by a man who was being served with an arrest warrant for aggravated homicide. A commander of the agency was shot and wounded, while the assailant was arrested.

The officers went to Cerro Azul street, in the aforementioned neighborhood. The man they were looking for saw the agents arrive and immediately started shooting at them.

"The person to whom they came to serve the arrest warrant, upon observing the colleagues, is the preliminary information; he climbs to the rooftop, observes them from above, he weakens them and starts shooting at them", said the prosecutor Luis Joaquín Méndez Ruiz, who went to the place.

One of the agents of the Prosecutor's Office was wounded at the scene, he was shot in the skull, and is now debating between life and death.

"Unfortunately, we have a fellow police investigator from the homicide area seriously injured, he has been hit in the head. We are going to wait for the attention they give him and we hope he also recovers," said the head of the Jalisco Prosecutor's Office.

The perpetrators tried to escape through the adjoining roofs.

Due to the aggression, the elements requested support from the Guadalajara and State police, and the Halcón helicopter from the Zapopan police station joined the operation. Elements of the National Guard and the Mexican Army also arrived.

The assailant tried to escape through the adjoining rooftops, a chase was initiated in the surrounding area.

Finally the attacker was arrested, a long gun was seized and another one was seized inside his house. Several cartridge casings from a long and short weapon were left in the area.

He is already in custody and was placed at the disposal of the Public Prosecutor's Office to answer for the crime for which the arrest warrant would be served, as well as for the aggression against the officers.

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  1. news on the mexican mafia leader and 10 other arrested in tijuana ?




    4. Socalj is working on the story.

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