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Monday, January 30, 2023

Four Mexican Soldiers Arrested By Querétaro State Police For Selling Military Equipment in Querétaro City

By "El Huaso" for Borderland Beat

Photo: Circulo Noticias

Accused of attempting to sell military equipment including signal jammers, four Mexican soldiers were arrested in parking lot in Querétaro City by Queretaro State Police yesterday on January 29, 2022.

According to Circulo Noticias, they were arrested by State Police in the parking lot of the Mega Comercial del Estadio shopping center in Ciudad de Querétaro, Querétaro after attempting to meet with a buyer they found on social media.

Local news mentions the arrested men as being affiliated with the National Guard and Army and being deployed to the neighboring state of Guanajuato.

In their vehicle were signal jammers, over 50 9mm caliber bullets, several doses of prescription medication, and methamphetamine. Also found was a National Guard uniform.

Photo: Queretaro Quadratin

Signal jammers are electronic devices which emit radio signals on the same frequencies as mobile phones, thus "jamming" the frequency and disabling a phone from making or receiving calls. Due to their ability to disable a victims ability to call for help, they are sometimes used by criminals in Mexico during attacks and robberies. 

Several were notably by attackers during the 2021 assassination attempt on Mexico City police chief Omar Garcia Harfuch.

Signal jammers found after 2020 attack on Harfuch. Photo: @c4jimenez

Because of their use by criminal groups in Mexico, they have been banned for production and sale since 2019.

The National Guard were created as a replacement to the now defunct Federal Police, whom Mexican President López Obrador argued were hopelessly corrupt. The National Guard and the Military have been deployed in mass to the streets of Mexico under the orders of President López Obrador, who has used them as his primary tool in the public security fight. 

Sources: Circulo Noticias, Informe de Seguridad 2022, Milenio@c4jimenezQueretaro Quadratin


  1. But ELMO says they come from USA.
    This is something Elmo wishes the public to know the true facts. You pay your military peanut money, and Tortas, they will turn around and sell the equipment to the cartels.

    1. Like the LAPD, the border patrol or the DEA has never been corrupted. Didn't the head of the DEA step down for getting chummy with cartel attorneys?

    2. Elmo wants to play!

      This is the song, La La La La…

  2. Are cops protected in Mexican prisons? And what is their situation like in there prisons overall?

  3. all the military and police staff in whole mexico are a piece of shit ! they have been since 80 years the worst piece of shit of mexico ... and of course the gov of mexico has allow them and are part both of the organized crime in mexico .. all the da's police military governors presidents any shit concerning the justice dept is full of shit ... a county full of shit

  4. ELMO's NG to replace the corrupt police. The peso stops with ELMO.

    1. You mean Gente Nueve right?

    2. Remember, SEDENA is now over the GN. More than likely the reason why these 4 pendejos got caught.

  5. Obama sold the cartels military weapons. (FAST &Furios)

    1. 7:33 🔍"Dubya" Wide Receiver

    2. 7:46 Bammy and Michael .
      Da 1st dude was also part of Fast and Furious

    3. 7:33
      And Bambi sold wood to the wolves.


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