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Monday, January 30, 2023

Ciudad Jimenez, Chihuahua: ‘I Am Going To Kidnap And Kill All Of You, You Are Going To Die’

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

A hooded thug bursts into a High School’s Zoom meeting only to threaten students with kidnapping and death

A Zoom meeting between high school students online was interrupted by an individual who threatened them with death and kidnapping.

The terrorist phenomenon took place when students from Miguel Angel Lopez State High School were organizing the school's anniversary celebrations.

The nosy assailant suddenly made his appearance. 

"I am going to kidnap and kill all of you, you fuckers are going to die, I am a narco" were some of the words that the hooded man threw at the students.

The kids were not frightened, but asked him to shut up and leave the session.

The school issued a statement on the matter:

"Parents, I hereby inform you that regarding what happened in the conference via zoom this day. The security protocols were carried out up to this moment, investigating, informing the educational authorities and municipal Public Security as well as making the complaint to the State Attorney General's Office and the cyber police. We inform you that public security has already found the person responsible, a young man from outside our school and the community of Jimenez, who will be followed up via legal channels.

This Thursday public security will be accompanying the school entrance and school personnel will fulfill their job responsibilities.

We have faith that our students and their children are noble and good people, let us give them the protection of our trust," the statement was signed by Principal Olga Varela Mendoza.

Miguel Angel Lopez High School

La Polaka


  1. This is a dumbass kid trolling trynna act tough. Wait till the real narcos catch his ass

    1. True.. I’ll give them 48 hours, give or take..

    2. @3.07. It was a wind up, and it was soldier.. Who is going to ''catch his ass''?
      Wait till the ''REAL NARCOS'' catch his ass?
      For what? Being a dickhead in uniform?

  2. Yes sir you are a narco! Because narcos, as part of every day business, kidnap, rape, torture, kill anybody they want! So, yes, you are spot on!

  3. Replies
    1. Lol lol lol he’s been quite lately.

    2. 3:42 No confundas a este guey con el Señor 006 y su hermano 00T

  4. “The kids were not frightened, but asked him to shut up and leave the session.”


    Nice post btw, Sol!

    1. @5.12. It was a joke. It wasn't real. He wasn't a narco, and he wasn't pretending to be a narco. That's why the kids were laughing.

  5. Imagine, a loser( narco) with no future who mostly likely didn’t finish elementary is threatening students for no reason

  6. “I’m a Narco” lol ok

    1. They told him to shut the hell up haha

  7. Looks like a kid playing dress up.

  8. Who invited or give him passcode? I don’t think narco is smart enough to hack. 😂


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