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Friday, December 23, 2022

Shootings, Vehicles Shot At, Businesses Burned ... The Afternoon That Burned Tecomán, Colima

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

Colima, Mexico, Advance (22/12/22) - For a few hours on Wednesday afternoon, the municipal capital of Tecomán literally burned, with fires in vehicles and businesses, as well as shootings in various parts of the city, but until the early hours of Thursday the authorities remained silent about the causes, without issuing any official version.

One of the most spectacular events was the large fire at the bar called "A donde quieras", located on 20 de Noviembre Avenue, on the corner of Torres Ortiz, in the Centro neighborhood, whose flames and the column of smoke generated could be seen from several blocks away.

However, no injured or intoxicated persons were reported, while elements of the emergency corps and the Fire Brigade went to the place and worked for a while to control the flames.

Shortly before, in Cofradía de Morelos, a torton truck loaded with bananas was shot at, but the driver managed to get to safety and was unharmed, while shots were fired in the Benito Juárez neighborhood, near the hospital, but no one was killed or injured.

Also, in the Gustavo Díaz Ordaz neighborhood, a vehicle was consumed by fire, with no known cause.

Despite the alleged synchronization of these events, which generally occur as reactions of organized crime to certain circumstances, the municipal, state and federal authorities remained silent and did not provide information to the public about the events.

Faced with the lack of official information, the population was informed through unofficial versions that emerged in social networks and through various videos that circulated on the Internet.

While these manifestations of violence were taking place in Tecomán, in the neighboring municipality of Villa de Álvarez, a policeman from the Public Security Department of the City Hall was shot at and suffered some wounds, but after being taken to a hospital he was reported to be out of danger.

According to unofficial versions, the policeman managed to repel the attack, which occurred on Pablo Silva García Avenue, and one of his assailants was wounded.



  1. Tecoman has always been known as a Mencho stronghold..

  2. Reportes de colima que es el zorro del las 4 contra la familia que quiere arimarseles

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