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Friday, December 23, 2022

Elements Of The National Guard Secure An Arsenal In Zacoalco De Torres, Jalisco

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

ZACOALCO DE TORRES, JAL, (ES) - The Public Prosecutor's Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) in Jalisco has opened an investigation against whoever is responsible for the crime of violation of the Federal Law on Firearms and Explosives, following the seizure of weapons, magazines and cartridges in the municipality of Zacoalco de Torres, Jalisco.

According to the investigation file, elements of the National Guard (GN), while conducting a surveillance tour on Degollado and Morelos streets, in the Alto neighborhood, belonging to the municipality of Zacoalco de Torres, located and seized six abandoned vehicles.

The federal agents, upon searching the interior of the vehicles, seized three motorcycles, 12 vests with ballistic plates, five .50 millimeter caliber magazines, 16 7.62 x 59 caliber magazines, 40 .223 millimeter caliber magazines, 458 7.62 x 59 caliber cartridges, 865 .223 millimeter caliber cartridges and 25 .50 millimeter caliber cartridges.

Also, a shotgun, 16 handguns, one handgun, one AK-47 7.62 x 59 caliber rifle, two .223 caliber rifles, one Barret rifle, one .9 millimeter caliber handgun and four .9 millimeter caliber magazines.

It should be noted that no one was arrested in this action, therefore, vehicles, weapons, magazines and cartridges were handed over to the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office (MPF), who continues with the integration of the investigation file, in order to resolve the matter in accordance with the law.

La Voz del Sur Jalisco 


  1. Que Pueblo tan chulo es zacoalco pero esta bajo el control de el apa y las 4 . Bastion del CJNG en donde mataron a el gringo comandante personal del mencho la fuerza unica.Zacoalco tierra del equipal

  2. They shot down a military helicopter and nothing happened and they grew stronger. I hope they go down but doubt it!

  3. 12:39 they shot down a Policia Federal 'helicótero' (or two) with exhorcises and prayers to el Señor Raboverde.
    There were consequences:
    Director enrique francisco galindo ceballos ("la Quica" from SLP) had to resign after staging the Tanhuato comedy of early morning assassinations of about 50 farm hands contracted to work there a day before, no helos fell that morning...
    "Tanhuato: un crimen de estado"
    Still impune and ignored.


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