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Thursday, December 29, 2022

Rifle Disassembly Video Offers Look Into CJNG Sicario Training

By "El Huaso" for Borderland Beat

A video posted by a CJNG-affiliated Twitter account shows CJNG members kneeling on a tile floor, performing a timed assembly of AR-15 platform rifles, a common military training drill. 

Often called "field-stripping", disassembling and assembling a firearm while timed intends to familiarize soldiers with their firearms, and teaches them to monitor their weapons for condition and cleaning.

With few exceptions, cartel members are often poorly trained and disciplined. Criminal groups post videos like these to portray an image of being an elite fighting force. They serve as threats to rivals and the government, as well as helping draw in recruits.

Sources: @CjngTabera Twitter video


  1. Im sure Grupo Flechas took him out already

  2. Great article Huaso. Very informative sir.

  3. Just based on that annoying music i wouldnt join them.

    1. But you would join the boy scouts.

    2. Too funny 3:29. I could see myself shooting someone right then and there because of this very thing 😃

  4. Wont live long enough to make use of them lol

  5. Thought this was an interesting read for anyone interested..


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