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Friday, December 30, 2022

Ciudad Obregón, Sonora: La Plaza Interrogates Karla Janeth Noriega Sepúlbeda

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The following video has been deemed safe for all to see. Within this broadcast a captured female, alleged to be an operative, from the La Chapiza mob narrates before the camera her illicit actions inside the Mexican underworld. 

Who she specifically worked for and the names of neighborhoods on the western side of Ciudad Obregón where they conducted their business are all revealed. 

Online sources have claimed that she was dropped off dead in front of the church where she was initially abducted. A narco message with threatening words was left stabbed into her corpse. 

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario: Whats your name?

Captive: My name is Karla Janeth Noriega Sepúlbeda. 

Sicario: Who do you work for?

Captive: I work for El 80. 

Sicario: What exactly do you do?

Captive: My job was to transport drugs and to collect money from the drug distributors positioned in the Libertad, Torres de Paris, Las Fuentes, and Posadas neighborhoods. 

Sicario: Where are you originally from?

Captive: Ciudad Obregon.

Sicario: Which cartel were you working for?

Captive: I worked for the La Chapiza cartel.  

Sicario: How much were you being paid?

Captive: Three thousand pesos a week. 

Sicario: Why did they have you working for them?

Captive: My husband was working for them selling white crystal meth. After he was killed I was told that he had a debt that needed to be paid off. So, there I was working away and if I didn’t want to work they would obligate or threaten me with my family. 

Sicario: Which government forces would you pay off for the distributors to reign freely?

Captive: The Municipal and State police. 

Sicario: What specific message would you like to send out to all the daydreaming dealers?

Captive: Don’t fall for whats on the surface. The La Chapiza gang ain’t worth a fuck. Everyone can see for themselves where I’m currently at now. And they haven’t bothered to do anything for my rescue.

Sicario: Here stands this dumb ass female guilty of her actions. Unlike those innocent individuals that have been abducted by the La Chapiza - Salazar mob. You’ve resorted to kidnapping family members involved in the trade in order for them to turn against us. And your actions have been done on account of the fact that you’re failing within this conflict.

That sort of shit isn’t going to help you faggots here. We’re all faithful to our flag here. Our actions have already proven this as well. If you continue with that narrative you will eventually be crying like that dumb ass Luis Encina was. We know that you have many innocent family members who roam freely throughout this country. In addition they’re also in Mazatlán and Culiacán. 

Killing women or innocent elderly gentlemen isn’t hard to do. If you want to start playing dirty then it’s up to you dumb asses how this will play out here. This will be the last warning for all guilty parties out of Guaymas and Obregón. An innocent man was abducted from Obregón last night. It’ll be up to you guys if this has to turn into an eye for an eye or tooth for a tooth matter. 

You gang of sobbing faggots will eventually cry foul wanting to make a truce afterwards asking that innocents not be messed with. Specifically not family members. Subsequently you’ll be online crying like fags claiming that the La Plaza mob kills innocents. You fucking cowards need to just come on out to face that armed confrontation against this mob. Instead of abducting innocent civilians in your efforts to locate your intended targets. 

Those tactics are not going to work here for you fucks. And for all Municipal and State governments, don’t bother involving yourselves within these affairs. This is a matter amongst gangsters. Our actions have been demonstrated before. And the next individual that I have sitting here before me will be one of you guys. 


  1. I think so, they are salvages, no law enforcement will get involved.

  2. Calling out Mazatlan. I hope it stays tranquilo here

    1. Not tranquil.
      A shootout with the banditos.
      A few bodies on the street.
      Some people missing.
      2 stores set on fire.

    2. So Plaza gonna start hitting people in Mazatlan. Chapos looking pretty weak at the moment.

    3. 6:53am la plaza is literally losing Guaymas. They lost Santa Clara. la plaza started mentioning Gabito after one of their lugartenientes El H(from Guaymas) and some dude from la barredora24/7 got killed in Mazatlan while vacationing. Since than they been making these videos blaming el 80. patadas ahogadas de la plaza

    4. Tan bonitos sus mariscos, hoy dogs con tocino, Pacífico beer, oysters y las muchachas en “La Botana” y estos HDSPM nomás llegan a cagarla

  3. I can't help but feel compassion for her. Her story was that she felt no choice, but ordered to get involved due to someone else's debt. She could have left the guy previously but stayed. Highest price paid.

    1. Hopefully they gave her a tiro de gracias instead of the painful way out

  4. And cartel groupies are full of pride.

  5. I wonder if they just shot her or tortured her horribly before chopping her up like the dudes before her.

    No, I actually don't want to know. Some things are better left unknown.


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