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Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Dead: El Macrina Head of The La Familia Michoacana Plaza in Zacualpan

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Reports indicate that Alberto Romero Pérez, better known as "El Macrina" was killed. 

Preliminarily, three people are estimated to be detained and three more were killed. Among the detainees would be Víctor Manuel "N", alias "El iguano", alleged close collaborator of "El Macrina", who apparently managed to escape the attack.

El Macrina is the alleged head of the La Familia Michoacana plaza in Zacualpan.  The narco along with two of his hitmen died in a shootout with the military in Edomex. Three sicarios, weapons, and vehicles were seized. 

Early Tuesday morning there was a confrontation between members of the Mexican Army and members of a criminal group in the Puente de Los Sabinos area, municipality of Zacualpan, in the south of the State of Mexico.

El Macrina was wanted in which state police elements were ambushed by members of the 'Familia Michoacana' cartel in Coatepec Harinas, EdoMex.


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