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Tuesday, December 27, 2022

AMLO Reacts to CJNG Christmas Giveaways

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President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured, on December 27, 2022, that organized crime supports communities to use people as a "shield" and prevent drug seizures. He also said that such actions are taking place in Jalisco, where some residents have opposed the installation of National Guard barracks (GN).

During his morning press conference, held from the Treasury Hall of the National Palace, the tabasco politician called on the people not to be manipulated, this after a reporter questioned him regarding the alleged delivery of toys in a town in Guadalajara, by alleged members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG).

"The criminal gangs relied a lot on social bases, the people of the communities who delivered pantries, merchandise, toys. In the case of the huachicol they allowed them, after they filled the pipes with stolen gasoline, they also allowed them to obtain, collect gasoline drums, there was that support," recalled the national president.

"All this has been disappearing because people know that this is illegal and that protection should not be given to crime because it is a mechanism to put people ahead when there is an action of the National Guard or any other institution. Lately they are wanting some groups wanting to reactivate this mechanism to support people," the president said.

"It also happens that they do not want the National Guard barracks to be set, we have this now in Jalisco where there are demonstrations, apparently spontaneous, that do not want the National Guard. It happened to us in Chihuahua, we still have some of this in Michoacán. What do I say to people? Don't let them be manipulated, don't let these gangs be protected, let them not let themselves be used," he stressed.

"They don't want the Guard barracks to be installed and use people, I take this opportunity to say it, so that people do not let themselves be manipulated, that's not good, even if they are given pantries, that's not in good faith, that's to use the people as a shield, to manipulate the people and that should not be allowed

"The Federal Police did not have barracks, it was a complete disorder, they also ended up protecting the gangs then, now there is more presence of the National Guard," the tabasco politician also accused.

Finally, the same journalist questioned the head of the Federal Executive Branch if the capture of the Michoacán capo Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, alias "El Mencho", leader of the CJNG, was close. However, he replied that he has no information about it.

On the night of December 24, 2022, alleged members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel delivered gifts in the El Retiro neighborhood, in Guadalajara, on the occasion of Christmas, 700 meters from one of the main bases of the Municipal Police.

In videos that began to circulate through the various social networks, at least four pick-up trucks are observed, with ornaments and lights, circulating through the streets of the aforementioned colony, where they distributed toys to dozens of people who were already waiting for them.

One block from the place where the alleged members of the CJNG distributed the gifts, the facilities of the Fray Antonio Alcalde Hospital and the Jalisco Institute of Cancerology are located, while six are those of the Municipal Police Station, located on the corner of the Independence Road and Salvador Quevedo and Zubieta.

In addition, the videos hear voices of the alleged members of the CJNG and a run that allude to the fact that the toys and other gifts were delivered by Ricardo Ruiz Velasco, alias "El RR", also identified as "El Tripa".

"Pure people from "The RR [...] Not that it doesn't give anything, let's see why the Government doesn't do the same. If they want it or not," a subject is heard saying in one of the videos.


  1. Of course most civilians, townspeople don't want the National Guard, nor the Army.
    They arrive late by days to help calls of criminals killing townspeople.They always dispatched late, when the carnage is over.

    1. Dont really think is happening like that.

  2. Amlo said its all good. Mexico is doing great 👍👍👍

    1. If Obrador wants his approval ratings to go up, he should use, some of the ill gotten money, to buy toys hit towns on Christmas or even before, photos ops
      with kids. But instead chooses to chastise the criminals.

  3. Support catch and release..

    The Absolute Mob of ELMO

  4. Gots to be his speech writer, typing up clownish remarks for Elmo to make on his speech.

  5. As David Bowie used to always say...
    "Remember the Culicanazo".

  6. Replies
    1. 6:07:
      Bozo is dead. Sir is now writing his speeches.

  7. A.M.L.O., your plea is weak, effete, and altogether unconvincing. Governments across the globe do nothing for their "citizens"--Mexico is no exception, and it's easy to see why the commoners will gladly receive such gifts from the cartels. In some ways, the cartels are less corrupt than government, and the reality of the world as relates to life or death situations is uncompromising: "when seconds count, the police [or military] are always minutes away."


  8. Call AMLO and tell him and his puta wife that in Jalisco I ain't to far away from Mexico City. That he better put a new wig on or that the pelukeros will roll through. With a whole new headset to put on . Some siembra buena to plant we don't need his. Que meh la pele y si no los pelones le cayrine. Pinche puto estupido. Te la mandamos guey si queres

    1. aprende a "eZkRiViR" por favor!

  9. AMLO always uses jalisco for examples but avoids talking about the snitchaloas


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