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Monday, November 14, 2022

Zacatecas: Fresnillo Home Shot At, Child Killed

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Two dead bodies were found in the municipalities of Trancoso and Zacatecas.

This Saturday a 10-year-old boy died after an armed attack in the municipality of Fresnillo, while two bodies were found in the town of Trancoso and the state capital.

During the early hours of the morning, it was reported, gunmen attacked a private home on Ruben Romo Street in the Huerta Vieja neighborhood. A child was wounded in the attack and died later while receiving medical attention.

In the town of Trancoso, on the other hand, the body of a man was found bound hand and foot on Cuauhtémoc Street in the La Cantera neighborhood.

And in the municipality of Zacatecas, a man was found dead in the Los Pozos stream, in the vicinity of the El Jaralillo neighborhood.

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  1. Under what reason would a young child be shot?? Gots to be CJNG, also known as the baby Killer cartel.

    1. Every week that i see a random school shooting i make the same question....

    2. 12:11
      This article is not related to a school shooting, read the article again.

    3. 12:50 Hi, although you are right, there are tons of other comments unrelated against Mexico, its president and so on, so we are even.

    4. What's with the a-holes , we coment regarding the Mexico article, then comes the People bashing USA and try to compare the same to USA. We are not looking for a winning. Merely replies to the article at hand. Oh but but, but the crime is higher in Chicago but, but 500 died this weekend in Detroit, oh but, but every minute there is a school shooting. Oh but but but.

    5. 4:22 USA is supposed to compare with Canada, not Mexico. But, but Mexico this, mexico that... Stop whining. Then coment regarding the situation on the article, not the entire country.

    6. 4:47 Canada's and Mexico's GDP are almost the same, they are comparable to each in that regard and not to the USA. Mexico is basically as rich as Canada. In everything else they're not comparable.

    7. 4:22 this site is in fact about Narco related stuff in Mexico. I don't see why, many get offended and try to belittle the commentor. They should go on a website that hates USA.

    8. 8:19 it is not about hating the USA, güey...
      It is about comparing crime and how it gets fought and what resources are available, and WHY crime gets worse evwrywhere.

    9. 5:38
      But part of Commonwealth and lots of other differences, like income Per Capita...

      In measurable terms, in America, Canada and USA are the only "First World" countries, the rest are "Developing Countries" and only Haiti is "Third World".

      Just gave you a lesson on basic Geography.

      USA is supposed to compare with Canada... Mexico compares with Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, etc...

      Why not trying harder?

  2. Pls no laughing, but what happens if these homeowners are armed and kill first? I take it guns are illegal, but I have no idea what the consequences are for self defense. Speaking only for myself, I would rather go to jail if it was for killing the bastards that would kill my child.

    1. Last draw
      I do understand what you mean, unfortunately if you do a good deed of self defense, in Mexico they would throw the book at you, as you have read and seen, victims have less rights, criminals pay a bribe and they are out in no time.
      Case in point, two criminals raped a 18 year old daughter, family member called the police, criminals served 3 months in jail, when they got out went and killed the family.
      Should you get in a Self-defense issue in Mexico, put on a Black Balaclava, a wig, shoot the bastard (s).
      Leave the area ASAP, take mask off, walk normal. That's your best bet to surviving in Mexico.

    2. 101pm: I may have to change my moniker! I loved Last Draw.
      Your case in point is just so sad and frustrating for the people. Truth is sometimes so horrific. Thanks for your reply.

    3. In the US we have a good sense of security, 911 is our lifesaver, and being able to have a weapon at home, I passed background check, for those of you that like to convolute, no I am not a wierdo.
      But if I were in Mexico, I would have a false hope of security, some people say, the police moonlight as criminals.

    4. 1:01 Inaccurate comment here...

      So you can enter a Walmart, shot everyone and still with no sentence after years…

      "Army report finds Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guillén reported being sexually harassed twice before she was killed"

      "Firearms recently became the number one cause of death for children in the United States"

      “…more children ages 17 and younger died from guns than from motor vehicle crashes.”

      “…children are more likely to die from gun violence than in any other high-income country”

      “Guns kill more U.S. kids than cancer.”

      “Guns have become the leading cause of death for American kids”

      “Firearms recently became the number one cause of death for children in the United States, surpassing motor vehicle deaths and those caused by other injuries”

      With that said, I wouldn’t even mention anything about surviving in other countries...


    5. 2:27

      "In the US we have a good sense of security"


      Boy, you are not in Canada.

      In the US, road rage is enough to receive a bullet. Being black/hispanic is enough to receive a bullet, attending a public event is enough to receive a bullet, going to school is enough to receive a bullet...

      Update your facts first.

    6. Lol to LAST DRAW.
      Now we know, it's not good to stick around, for the Mexican Policia, they are criminals themselves.

    7. 4:16 And american police force is constantly killing innocent people, so your point is?

    8. 11:56 hey last draw lady, I can teach you quick gun manuvers, should you get in a shootout, why would you want to visit Mexico and find you have to defend yourself with a gun?
      I see people say Mexico is dangerous, then you have the right wing saying not a single murder happens. Last draw stick to hollow point bullets, Winchester 116 grain.

    9. @11:58
      Actually you can legally own a .380 and anything below that caliber. You just have to go through the military to get it registered here in Mexico. Its actually not a tedious process at all I have family members that legally have .22 and .380 in there home. But in terms as defending your home with a legal weapon I think youd still have to go through a “judicial” process here and see how they rule.

    10. 9:11 also a .38special caliber revolver. There's a channel on YouTube that explains in detail how to purchase firearms from SEDENA and if I'm not mistaken a person can also purchase a firearm from someone who legally got theirs, naturally it would be at a higher price since they wouldn't have to go through the administrative process.

    11. Thank you for the offer of lessons. I grew up with guns. I love to shoot but never anything living. It would be awful to have to do that, but I know I am trained to try.

    12. 3:57 And black market is always there... most people i know have a weapon in Mexico.

    13. 9:37 but the black market handguns are usually prohibited calibers so loss of handgun and prison

    14. 11:48 On black market you can get whatever you want as long you can pay.

  3. Cjng is back heating up fresnillo, cds had it quite for a bit. I bet the blanket wrapped bodies will start appearing again soon

    1. Sorry to hear your favorite cartel is getting his ass kicked by CJNG

    2. 2:17 shooting at young kids playing soccer or 13 year olds hanging out to prove a point is not kicking another groups ass, this is a trend in fresnillo and jerez cjng waits for cds to let their guard down and sneaks people in to heat up those places but get wrapped up once cds sends the hit squads back to fresnillo and jerez.

    3. Very true @2:49


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