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Thursday, November 3, 2022

Cortázar, Guanajuato: Bags With Dismembered Body Abandoned Near The La Huerta Neighborhood

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

A dismembered body inside plastic bags was found today near a secluded spot in the La Huerta neighborhood in Cortazar.

The bags with the dismembered body were found meters from a secluded alcove in the La Huerta neighborhood in Cortazar.

Wrapped in plastic bags and a few meters from a small niche were abandoned the dismembered remains of a person on the outskirts of the La Huerta neighborhood. 

According to municipal police, it was around eleven o'clock this Thursday morning when they received a report about the existence of bags stained with blood on the well-known road to Merino, near the aforementioned colony.

When they responded to the report they noticed that next to a memorial, dedicated to the memory of a deceased person, there were two plastic bags containing the dismembered remains of a person, in addition to an orange cardboard with threats written on it.

Cortazar: It could not be determined if the dismembered body was male or female.

In response to the situation, they marked a perimeter with security tape and notified the State Attorney General's Office. Minutes later Criminal Investigation agents and experts arrived to process the scene and collect possible evidence.

Due to the conditions in which the remains were found, it was not possible to determine if the victim was male or female, they were taken to the morgue for the autopsy required by law.

Narco message reads as follows:

This will be the fate of all extortionists and those who sell white crystal meth. The Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel is here to support the townspeople.  info roja mx


  1. Crazy shit! They found two human heads in the San Miguel Allende city dump this morning.

    1. Why the fuck wouldn’t they, Mexico is all about this

    2. How is that crazy it’s Mexico that’s been the normal for years

    3. People found them, or a stray dog was carrying the heads for dinner.

    4. Mexico is the Wild, Wild West, where anything goes. Melting pot of criminals easily killing innocent citizens.

    5. Hey nuclear ass hat, you wanna nuke all of México with you popo comments?
      It is not half of México killing the other half güey.

    6. 7:31 Wild Wild West where everyone wants to open carry their guns, and where kids are killed during school for no reason and on a regular basis.

  2. @9:20 is a rookie welcome to Mexico

    1. 4:54 looks like 9:20 big mouth is well seasoned and ready to be made into a carniasada.


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