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Friday, November 4, 2022

Chapiza vs Quintero War For Caborca: Attempted Hit on Caborca Cartel El Frank Kills Innocent Groom on His Wedding Day

The following is a direct translation of a story by Elena Reina for El Pais newspaper that was published on October 29, 2022. 

Hitman boss' secret wedding that sparked tragedy at Caborca church.

The murder of a groom as he left his wedding ceremony was merely collateral damage in a vicious war between the sons of 'El Chapo' Guzman and Caro Quintero's men for control of the Sonoran desert town that connects to the US.

Neighbors say that since he knew he was going to be killed, he changed his mind. Getting married in the church in the center of town didn't seem like a good option if they were on his heels. 

He left a decorated ceremony as bait for the wedding, but looked for another church far from Caborca. 

Everyone in this Mexican municipality of 89,000 inhabitants, the last city in the Sonora desert that communicates with the United States, believed that on October 22, at 7:30 pm, a young man nicknamed El Frank, head of the local cartel's hitmen, was going to marry La Chinita, daughter of the first to open a Chinese food restaurant in the area, in La Candelaria. But at the last minute they changed parishes. 

Instead, with much less fanfare, a local teacher, Aracely Martinez, got married to an engineer from Durango, Marco Antonio Rosales Contreras [at the church El Frank had originally planned on using].

Aracely Martinez and Marco Antonio Rosales Contreras

As they left the ceremony, a man in a plaid shirt shot Marco Rosales twice in the head and twice in the chest. The screams of the bride, her white dress now soaked in her husband's blood, were the only sound heard that night in Caborca. The sound of bullets often silences its streets. 

The Sonora Attorney General's Office acknowledged a day later that the shots were not aimed at Marco Antonio Rosales, as the governor Alfonso Durazo, had insinuated hours earlier, in a hasty attempt to calm things down and repeat the maxim that they only kill "each other." 

Governor Durazo answers questions from reporters

They were targeting another man, who got married at the same time, 130 kilometers away. And the government called it a "mistake" and a "direct attack," two terms the authorities usually use to send a confusing message to the population that if they stay away from the narco, from the bad guys, they will be safe. 

But the tragedy, yet another one, in Caborca, demonstrated what most citizens of northern Mexico know all too well: no one escapes the terror of this war.

Marco Antonio Rosales was 32 years old, an software engineer working for a company in Guadalajara, Jalisco. 

He was planning to move back there with his wife, Aracely Martinez, who had left her teaching position at a private school in Caborca a few months earlier. 

They decided to get married in the bride's town. That morning, she had traveled with her parents and sister from Durango to take the place that the man, known as Frank, had not taken at La Candelaria parish. 

A few minutes after crossing the church's gate, Marco was riddled with bullets. His sister was shot in the back, but survived.

What the governors call a mistake, in Caborca they call helplessness. 

El Frank, according to two veteran reporters from the town, is the head of the cartel's hitmen who allied with the men of Rafael -- as the Narco of Narcos, Rafael Caro Quintero, is known in the area -- the historic leader of the Sinaloa cartel, who founded one of the strongholds of his criminal empire in this desert corner of Sonora. 

The capo, arrested for the last time in July of this year, managed in 2013 to free himself from prison after a scandalous judicial decision when he still had 12 years left on his sentence for the murder of a US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent in the 1980s. 

On the run and with the thirst for U.S. revenge blowing in the back of his head, he declared war on the sons of his former partner, Joaquin El Chapo Guzman, who sought to expand the territories conquered by their father. 

Los Chapitos against Caro Quintero's men, grouped by another boss, El Cara de Cochi, in a fierce battle for control of this territory dedicated to drug and migrant trafficking.

To the doors of the church came that battle last weekend. That dying man, whom his relatives tried to resuscitate with cardio pulmonary resuscitation while the ambulance arrived, was not El Frank, but another damned confusion of the sign. 

A neighbor, who witnessed the unsuccessful maneuvers to save his life, tells this newspaper that the ambulance took almost half an hour to arrive. For days now the units have decided not to arrive so soon, because the paramedics are also often rained upon by bullets.

The few reporters who cover the area had published that same week that the narco kidnapped six people in Caborca, whose whereabouts are unknown, and executed a gas station employee. 

The hail of bullets is so common that those who are closest to the horror "are not able to measure it", says to this newspaper a local reporter who prefers not to give her name. After years of threats, she decided not to put their name as author on a single article or photograph of the violence. 

Although the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador boasted a slight decrease in homicides in 2021 at the national level, which maintains a rate of almost 90 per day, in Sonora they increased by 31% with respect to the previous year, according to figures from the National Institute of Statistics.

In February of this year, more than 20 armored trucks besieged the town (covered in more detail in this Borderland Beat story). They were Los Chapitos' men. Their calling card in this war was to impose terror on the population with the power of their rifles, random kidnappings and facades pierced by shrapnel. 

Neighbors told this newspaper how the gunmen strolled in front of the Army installations. But the gunfire continued throughout the early hours of the morning with no other uniform than that of the Sinaloans. 

"There was not a single authority that went out to confront them, all the corporations hid. They left us alone, they abandoned us," said a neighbor.

While Marco Rosales lay dying on the steps of La Candelaria, at the same time, another man came out of another church showing off his marriage. Frank and La Chinita had dodged death at the engineer's expense. 

The photos of the secret wedding were shared on their social networks and the whole town soon understood what had happened in downtown Caborca. A neighbor tells that the man in the plaid shirt walked calmly away towards the kiosk in the plaza. 

No police pursued him, despite the pleas of the women in party dresses. Almost a week later, not a single person has been arrested for the murder. For there to be a war between criminals, there must also be a high degree of impunity.


  1. Cómo siempre los Sinaloas haciendo sus pendejadas los ojetes.

  2. Me acueso de un pobre pendejo que decia, "en sonora nomas se muere quien se tiene que morir, ahi no tacamos a los inocentes, los de sinaloa no nos mandan bla bla bla" no voy a decir su nombre de este pobre imbecil porque la ultima ves que opino le pucieron una arrastrada que lla no le quedaron ganas de decir sus pendejedas, pero pues lla todos saven que es GsonoraN 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. Estas pero mas y mas pendejon cada ves que abres el ojete si es una guerra idiota se van a morir hasta innocentes lo que no entiendes tu es que no eras asi cuando nos otros aki en agua prieta controlabamos todo el estado no pasaban esas coasas hasta los contras entraron nos otros somos paredes nada que ver kn salazar ni otro grupo controlamos la lina nada que ver kn todo eso que tienes kn migo tanto vale verga tu vida que solo de mi piensas aver en cual estado de la republica vives michoacano de segurosas vale verga no hay

    2. Jajaja mi fan num 1 lo que no diera par verle la carra al ardido este

    3. Como kieren evolucrar me en todo lo que pasa en sonora te digo como estan las cosas en mi rancho a lo que estamos al pendiente y nuestra plazita sigue el mas seguro en toda la republica cuando kieren hablar de los de agua prieta hablan de cuando sacamos los zetas cuando sacamos al 2000 cunado matamos al gilo cuando tirarmos del avion al numero no dejabamos tirar cristal no se permitirán secuestros ni extorsiones kn el población no se metia no pasaban estas cosas cuando el r5 estaba al.mando nuestro estado era el mas seguro y calmado el desmade viene de los quinteros cuales nosotros no tenemos nada que ver sonora esta en cuatro piezas yo estoy x el noreste cuando pasa algo en mis terrenos entonces di algo hasta ese entonces calma se PA!

    4. Estas guey, esto lo hicieron los sinaloenses. El Frank es gente de Quintero. Ellos no lo mataron. Los chapitos hacen unchingo de mamadas. Andan arrastrando el CDS en el lodo. Porque no se aseguraron si era el Frank? Pinche gente pendeja. Y lo justificas que es una guerra, que van a murir inocentes. Que pinche guerra ni que nada. En la guerra no mandan a matar de cerquitas a un inocente. No deberian ser y purden ser arrestados en su mismo territorio, no es contra la ley todo lo que hacen, no se descuartizan, no matan a familias de los contrincantes por desquitarse, no matan a gente inocente al propósito. Lo que hacen ustedes es pueo egoismo. Porque se quieren meter los chapitos a Caborca. Por egoistas. Quieren mas. Si esos gueyes estubieran ahi en la linea peleando, pudiera por lo menos decir que se la andan rifando, pero esos gueyes no se la rifan, y ni se la han rifado. Quieren sobreplantar a el Mayo Y el Guano siendo pinches mocosos comparados a ellos. Esa chingadera del Culiacanaso, secuestraron a gente inocente que no tiene nada que ver por tratar de liberar a alguien que si la debia. Por lo menos el Raton les estaba diciendo que no hay pedo, que ya lo habian agarrado y ya. Que no se hiciera nada. Y hasta se desculpo con la poblacion el proximo dia. Todos saben quien dio la orden. Pero tampoco se la rifo ese guey aquel dia. Y se molesto que elViejon no le entro. Hasta al que habian agarrado le dijo que no habia pedo, que no se hiciera nada, pero el estupido todavia dio la orden y se molesta cuando no le brindan apoyo. Se la hubiera rifado personalmente arriesgando su pellejo. Por lo menos uno hubiera podido decir ahi estubo en el arguende, pero ni eso.

    5. @ GlloronN ya saliste del hoyo 😂 no que en Sonora esta todo tranquilo y controlado? Hace un par de meses decias que sonora era de ustedes y ahora dices que nomas tu rancho pedorro controlas..

    6. 8:20 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 mordiste el anzuelo baboso! A pero primero decias todo sonora ahora dices nomas en tu rancho, que por cierto es un perro ohasis en medio del decierto, quien vergas se quiere meter ahi? Por eso te digo mide bien tus palabras porque tengo compas de Sonora que me dicen lo contrario, Sonora es un cochinero! Nada diferente a otras plazas calientes por todo mexico, no eres x eres o, por culO

    7. Pinche GlloroN ahora dilo sin chillar😂 hasta las ratas de repente tienen que salir de su madriguera a agarrar poquito sol🤣🤣🤣🤣

    8. “I want educated discussion !” - GlloronN

  3. Chapitas look weak



    RIP M.A.R.C🙏

    1. RIP all those inoccents that cds has killed, they have killed more inoccent people than all the other cartels combined 😢

    2. @ 12.41 and 7.41 (obviously the same kid agreeing with himself, in the same way he sends himself valentines) - Stop shouting, and grow up with your fake heartache and cynical prayer emojis and ''El Mister Number One Super Lucky Premier Administrator Emperor Lord Mencho'' bullshit.

  5. Sonora 💯 % contolado por sinaloas

  6. I knew the bride and her family. Good people, father is a hard working man. Seeing the dreams of your daughter getting shattered by a fuckin' psycho, so devastating. Frank and his bride won't have a peaceful relationship, it's destined to fail. I hope they catch you, for being a deceiving piece of shit, involving innocent people.

    1. 10:04 thanks for sharing hopefully these clowns are brought to justice

    2. Hope so too, man. People keep sayin' that only these things happen to people involved with the there's a young woman whose life has been destroyed, a father who took his son to get married and got his remains back as ashes. How can we glorify these pendejos? Our society is rotten to the core thanks to narcocorridos and dumb singers praising these cartel scumbags. All kids wans the lifestyle, because that's what these dumbasses sell through their tasteless music.

    3. 120
      Well said bro,society in mexico is on a tragic path

  7. El Frank is no longer gente de Caro Quintero, he switched and the hit was put up by the Quinteros people

    1. Yes , I had a uncle and a friend that was picked up by his people.. my uncle didn't make it but my friend confirmed this was the case .. as they are cleaning anything that has to do with la gente del cochi


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