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Monday, October 10, 2022

San Miguel Totolapan; Guerrero: Los Tequileros Claim Their Innocence On Video

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Several days after a large group of armed civilians attacked the San Miguel Totolapan town hall. The armed criminal cell Los Tequileros have released a video claiming their innocence for that atrocious massacre where 18 men were reported killed. 

Among the dead was the mayor, Conrado Mendoza Almeda, his father, former municipal president Juan Mendoza, and 16 other people, as confirmed by the state prosecutor. 

In response to that attack a leader of the Familia Michoacana, José Alfredo Hurtado Olascoaga aka El Fresa, appeared on video saying the aggression was meant for him. 

Video translation is as follows:

Fresa, you fuck. You’re nothing more than an asshole coward. Along with your faggot brother El Pescado. You guys don’t have the fucking balls to take responsibility for the cowardly act that you committed in San Miguel Totolapan. If we the Tequileros are not as tough as you say in Totolapan or other towns. Then we’re not as cowardly to have killed so many innocent civilians either. Fresa, you made an enormous amount of illicit money before you killed them off. You’re such a coward. 

And you’re trying to deceive everyone here by blaming us. In addition you’re also trying to confuse the mothers, the afflicted wives, and kids of the men you killed. Where’s your bravery or the 25 men that you claimed to have killed and who didn’t deserve to be buried? You fucking liar. The only thing you actually did was torch those vehicles. Do you think we’re fucking stupid or what? Look here you fucker. We already know that you set up that meeting with the municipal president, Conrado and his men, in order to have them all together and killed off.

Who else are you going to try setting up now? Nazario is already dead. And you’ve already killed Conrado. Who else could it be now? What kind of shady shit did you just do? We’ve done this video so that the townspeople can see once and for all the truth of what all happened here. Everyone needs to pull the wool away from their eyes. Or would you guys rather continue living like this? Have you all not grown tired of living with fear and supporting Fresa? 

Along with his protected family out there in Toluca, the smog infested capital, or the United States? While we continue to live in the backwoods those assholes live in their mansions and drive around in their armored vehicles. Fresa, you’ve clearly shown this off before everyone. After all that has happened no one confides in you anymore. Not even your own men. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to watch your back because they want to kill you. At this point you have too many enemies. And we the Tequileros are leading the charge to kill you the fuck off. 

Sicarios scream in unison: Always sir!

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  1. Fresa did not show any bodies only burned cars the Machiavellian motherfucker,he definitely knew who would be at the meeting.Talk about caught slipping,they all trusted Fresa?Why would you ever attend a meeting with rats like him unarmed,anyone in that game?

  2. I said it since the beginning but no one believe me Don't Ever Doubt Me ever Again if i say something is cause I have first hand information.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Lol you a Sinaloa fan shut your as up. Say Sinaloas ain’t sapos y dedos

  3. These savages slaughter these people, those savages rape those people, the other savages rape and slaughter whomever! MEANWHILE, average and poor hardworking Mexican citizens cannot buy firearms to attempt to protect themselves or their families. What a great fucking law Mexico!

    1. The laws are F up in Mexico.
      There's one article I read in Tijuana..
      This Municipal Police lady, was going to be raped, by a police man, she said no. In self defense, she shot him, he died. They are throwing the book at her, 40 years in prison.
      All the while if a Cartel member murders a few citizens, no problem pay a bribe, out in 3 days from jail.
      The laws favor criminals.

    2. 9:42 Used to be like that, thankfully things are changing now.

    3. 9:36 Dont see an actual relation between laws and what criminals choose to do.

  4. Fresa said on video where he lives but he hasnt been arrested. Mexico's war on drugs

  5. Like Chitcago a few days after a weekend where 30 or 40 were murdered it's all forgotten. Just part of the acclimation to the new normal!

  6. LFM is still active??

    1. Not as a ruling cartel, but a small cell (of various in Michoacan) still producing meth.


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