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Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Bocoyna, Chihuahua: The SSPE Destroys Organized Crime Camps

"Sol Prendido" formBorderland Beat

They found tactical uniforms and clothing with logos of criminal groups operating in the area.

In one of the tours carried out by the Coordination of Rural Areas, belonging to the State Public Security Secretariat (SSPE), two different camps of organized crime groups were located in Bocoyna where, among other things, they found tactical uniforms, clothing with logos of criminal groups operating in the area.

The first of the camps was located near the San Juanito-Baseaseachi highway, in the municipality of Bocoyna, thanks to pedestrian routes carried out by these agents. It was located on one of the hills, there were tactical uniforms, food, blankets and kitchen utensils. 

In addition to these articles, they found garments that had engraved logos of a criminal group, in addition to 3 stone barricades used by the inhabitants of said camp to monitor the surroundings.

During this same tour, near this location, the staff of Rural Zones also found a second camp at the junction known as San Vicente, on the road to Baseaseachi, with 5 stone barricades used by those who lived here.

As in the first tactical uniforms, food, blanket, in addition to batteries used to charge communication radios, they also found clothing with logos of a criminal group. However it is believed to belong to an antagonistic group. 

The members of this unit of the SSPE completely destroyed and disabled the camps, they also destroyed the equipment and clothing they found in these places.

El Heraldo de Chihuahua


  1. the glamorous life of a narco

    1. Lots of these people are tricked into working for them with fake promises of a glamorous life. Others are forced. Others join at will since life in the campo in Mexico is shit and guaranteed to be shit forever.

    2. Exactly 3:25, it has become complicated and it is no longer just 15yr old's joining for their skewed idea of fame and fortune

  2. Sacando a las chinolas de Chihuahua!!


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