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Monday, October 10, 2022

Rusos vs Salazars War: Camilo Sánchez Gunned Down in SLRC, Sonora, Rusos Suspected

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat 

A Sinaloa Cartel - Salazars figure named Camilo Sánchez was gunned down in San Luis Río Colorado, in the state of Sonora. Internet rumors allege that Sinaloa Cartel - Rusos were behind the hit. 

Gunned Down in Their Car

At approximately 9:00 pm on October 8, 2022, the emergency phone line received a call reporting gunshots on 22nd Street, near the intersection with Quintana Roo Street in the border city of San Luis Río Colorado (often shortened to SLRC), Sonora. 

A video which is alleged to depict the sound of these gunshots was later posted on social media in footage shown below.

Video Source: Calvarie Locus

Note: Some accounts allege this was a different shooting that occurred later that night in SLRC.

When officers arrived, they found a white SUV with visible bullet holes a little further down 22nd Street, near the intersection of Zacatecas B street.

After approaching, they found two men sitting in the front of the 2022 white Nissan Kicks SUV who had both been shot to death and no longer showed vital signs. 

Warning: Graphic photos shown below. 

Social media news account Sonora Informativo posted photos alleged to show the two men in the front of the vehicle. Newspaper El Imparcial posted blurred out versions of these same photos, seemingly confirming their authenticity. 

El Imparcial says that both of the men were about 21 years old and offers no further information about their identities. 

Reynosa Código Rojo, Sonora Informativo, and social media account Pedro967506833 claim that one of the men who died inside the vehicle was the Sinaloa Cartel - Salazars operator named Camilo Sánchez. They also posted a photo alleged to show Camilo Sánchez from Farandula, a social media account which posts photos of CDS members. 

The Farandula photo posted by the three sources named above.

Twitter account Calvarie Locus has claimed that one of the two men executed is “hermano del Panic”, or the brother of Panic, which is likely a cartel alias. After much searching, no information on who Panic is or any more details on Camilo Sánchez could be found but hopefully more information will emerge as time goes on.

The photo that accompanied the post by Calvarie Locus about one of the executed men being a brother of Panic.

There are two obvious motives for their execution. Either an internal power struggle within Los Salazars, the group that currently controls SLRC. Or a hit by Salazar’s rivals Los Rusos, who have been contesting them for control of SLRC, which is the motive that Pedro967506833 mentions in his tweet about the attack.

Sources: Sonora Informativo Twitter Post, Sonora Informativo Facebook Post, Pedro967506833, La Voz del Pueblo SLRC, Radar Sonora, Reynosa Código Rojo, El Imparcial, Calvarie Locus, Ranchos 653, GHOST DEVIIL

Previous Events in the Rusos vs Salazar War 

Although it's likely not directly related to the Salazars vs Rusos war, the loss of Héctor Herrera, alias “El Tolín”, a lieutenant under P1, was a big hit for Rusos. 

El Tolín Article 1 

El Tolín Article 2

El Tolín Article 3

Again, not directly related but there was a major arrest (story linked here) of Chapitos leaders in Caborca. This included Memos figure Silvano, alias “El 25”, and Duranguillo’s brother David, alias “El Washo”.


  1. If this guy is
    "Compa Camilo y El Panic en San Luis estan,
    contados son los que han demostrado su estimo
    y vivo siempre pilas para trabajar"
    El hombre del equipo; Iván Guzmán
    Máximo Grado

    1. I spent so long trying to find out info on either of them and it turns out a corrido had those details. Thank you for letting me know.

      Here are the lyrics to the full song for anyone curious:

  2. Aww they died in each others arms

  3. All rusos captured all Salazar killed

  4. Yep its ruso vs Salazar's wink wink aka mayos vs chapitos.

  5. I thought the same thing 9:00!

  6. MZ will definitely win this one, wisdom and experience trump everything else. Sadly a Bordertown war that will leave much trauma behind for its citizens

    1. Yeah another border town ruined and held hostage by criminals from Sinaloa.

    2. 1:52 thew the good guys remember? (Sarcasm)

    3. 6;45 it's lame that you think that's lame.
      Bro, your pretty lame rooting for a lame cartel

    4. CDS doesn’t hurt people or extort them, they are angelic drug traffickers not cannibals okay 👌🏽

  7. These other also have happened around SLRC

    1. I heard 2 rumors thru the grapevine from SLRC locals about the above article links posted at 3:24

      The first arrive the guy in the white truck with AZ plates waiting to cross the border was a US resident and he supposedly le puso dedo a alguien where some jale got hit or some foos arrested and the got him trying to escape to the US

      The second guy in the gold truck was supposedly from rusos and he was messing around with one a member of Salazar’s wife

      Again just hearsay

  8. Glad he’s dead. You can tell by his pictures that he was a stuck up person up to no good. Typical hot head.

    Seguramente se creía bien verga.

    1. Parece que siempre estaba oliendo mierda

  9. El huicho is not zalazar. last ime I heard of this Garibay family, they were with chapitos...
    They been hopping from cartel to cartel for decades. First they were with cds, then CAF, later CJNG and lately chapitos. But who knows they might have jumped ship AGAIN..
    Where ever they go they ain't safe, they made way to much enemies with all that hopping around

    1. Weren't they first with CAF and then bounced to CDS because they had to "unjustly" pay for product that was lost on this side? That's what I remember reading in Zeta TJ

    2. 9:51 you might be right. I know they bounced back to CAF and cds a couple of times. Most recent was chapitos but before it was cjng.

  10. Did these guys try to sneak one last kiss before the end?

  11. Awww poor little savages got what was coming....

  12. Sinaloa cartel taking L's. Internal beefs are bad for business.

    ~ALMO nuthugger

  13. Why can’t everybody get along like in the 90s and shit???? They had great cocaine methamphemtamine marijuana and real heroin back then with much less violence in Mexico…

  14. Raton’s co-opted Salazars look to have been making out when they were dispatched.


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