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Monday, October 10, 2022

CDN Leaves 4 Decapitated Heads After CDG Leaves 1 Decapitated Head in Miguel Alemán, Tamaulipas

"HEARST" and "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat 

Gulf Cartel Metros hitmen left a cooler of dismembered remains, including a head with the skin flayed off, in Miguel Aleman, Tamaulipas. They left a message signed CDG Operativa Torres. 

Just a few days later, CDN left four heads in their own cooler in response to the Gulf Cartel, along with their own narco message. 

October 06, 2022

CDG Leaves 1 Head & Narco Message

On October 10, 2022, a motorist traveling on Los Leones Boulevard in Miguel Aleman municipality noticed a dismembered body has been left in the middle of the road. They reported this discovery to authorities and officers were dispatched to check on the report. 

Miguel Aleman is a municipality in the Frontera Chica region. The municipality is believed to be controlled by Gulf cartel (Cártel del Golfo, CDG) - Los Metros, with a plaza boss Hugo Armando Cortinas Salinas, alias "La Cabra", but it is regularly contested by CDN. 

La Cabra recently drew headlines because his wife pled guilty to money laundering, as covered by Mica.

At the scene they found multiple items had been placed on the road. A dismembered body, which had been wrapped in a red cloth and sack lay on the ground next to several pieces of cardboard with a narco message and a red cooler. 

When the cooler was opened, they found inside more dismembered remains of presumably the same person. Placed prominently inside was the decapitated head of a male whose skin has been partially removed.

The message was signed by the Gulf Cartel  in quotation marks. It read at follows, as translated by Sol Prendido:

To all the SEDENA (Army) personnel,

This problem of ours isn't against any of you guys. The chaos that went down in Mirador was done by those morons from the Cartel del Noreste. 

They want to do more than just kill innocent civilians, families, steal, and terrorize citizens. Please allow us to do our work at night in order to finish off these filthy individuals. All "Sedena" troops will be respected. And this will be the fate of every dirty individual who is fucking up here. 


"CDG" Operativa Toros.

WARNING: Graphic photos below this point. 

October 09, 2022

CDN Leaves 4 Heads & Narco Message

A few days later, the Northeast cartel (Cártel del Noreste, CDN) appears to have responded by leaving their own cooler and four dismembered bodies in the same municipality of Miguel Aleman. 

The cooler was discovered on on the Ribereña highway near the exit to Poblado Los Guerra. 

El Manana newspaper writes that "Unofficially it emerged that the lifeless bodies of the victims belong to alleged members of organized crime from a rival group, who apparently had been kidnapped, tortured and executed in possible revenge for the recent dismemberment of another male who was found just last Thursday, October 06."

It reads as follows, as translated by Sol Prendido:

A big thank you to Mustangs Barbas and Flaco from Camargo. 


More jobs done like this are needed. 

We don't mess with innocent civilians or soldiers. Whereas you guys are cowards who happen to have corrupt troops on your payroll. 

Much like Captain Malaga who sells out the Northeast Cartel operatives with those faggot Gulf Cartel members. 

Primito, I've left your mechanic in pieces here for you. Everyone in Reynosa needs to be on their fucking toes because La Cabra has everything up for sale.

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October 09 Sources: El Manana Article 1, Article 2, Linces SSP


  1. Cdn still claim Zetas?

    1. It's like CDS Mayo's faction who fight Chapo's Faction

    2. Hey my cousin in Culiacan says its all just low level sicarios. Mayo and Ivan are BFF's

    3. Mayo ain’t running the cartel no more it’s his sons running the show now.

    4. CDN is Zetas. Like their kids grew up and started their own gang but still loyal to pops

    5. Who needs to watch horror movies when you can go to mexico and there it is in real life

  2. There’s always going to be these kids that play on this site dreaming of being a narc thinking everything is about Mayo and Chapo. Geez go watch cartoons already.

    1. Your the only one commenting about Chapo and Mayo here … so why are you reinforcing the point your making .. it’s a hard pill to swallow but CDS is the Amazon of drug trafficking … sorry lad

    2. 07:06 so why do CDS not have LSD magic mushrooms mescaline MDMA real Xanax Kush DMT 2CB…..

      All CDS got is fake drugs and dope laced with fentanyl …. They are small players in the coca game and mainly have just fentanyl and meth

      Would you fuck with Chapitos aka CDS if you were Colombian Cartel??!!!

      Anyways they sure as hell are not the “Amazon” of narco trafficking or drug dealing by any means but they do make a lot of dirty drugs laced with poison ☠️ wow go Sinaloa!!! Yay 😁

  3. Things are about to heat up again...also ZVE just posted a video in SLP answering CJNG calls for mention on the forum..kinda surprised

  4. No investigation in these homicides. Police list them under 'Community Improvements'!

  5. so CDN ahead by 3?

    1. They'll never be heads of state.

    2. Some heads are gonna roll

  6. The third head looks like he got his dick cut off and put in his mouth. Hopefully he wasn't alive for that, ouch.

    1. You can tell by the lack of spray all four of those heads where taking after the deed had been done.

    2. Yes third head looks like Sir. Pobrecito

  7. You would think after a certain point there wouldn’t be any criminals in Miguel Alemán to kill off. They die in crazy numbers and they still keep coming and coming. As if Miguel Alemán were a big city lol

    1. They aren't natives lmao.

    2. 4:49 CDG/CDN gets their surplus cannon fodder from other states (usually SLP/CHIAPAS/GUERRERO) it is well known data. I bet if there is an interview before the execution they'll claim they were from some southern Mexican state.

  8. is that a dick hanging out that dudes mouth?

  9. Is comandante toro and la cabra related? Can anyone give insight on the Salinas family of cdg



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