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Thursday, September 29, 2022

San Luis Potosí, SLP: The Jalisco New Generation Cartel Threatens Numerous Individuals

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Gunmen from the Operativa Bélica, armed wing of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel announce their presence in the north zone of the San Luis Potosí capital. Active State Civil Guardsmen, regional citizens, and a resident from the state of Hidalgo are threatened on film. 

The names of each person they intend to kill is mentioned. Just as well so are the towns where every target resides.

Prior to their incursion into the state’s capital videos appeared online of their caravan traveling during the early morning hours through Mexquitic de Carmona on their way there. 

Video translation is as follows: 

Good morning to all the citizens of the Potosina capital. We are the Jalisco New Generation Cartel. And we want to advise you that we’re already cleaning the north zone of rats, rapists, fee collectors, extortionists, and kidnappers. So that people who work honestly won’t have any worries. We don't kill innocents like the filthy Alemánes do. 

Recently they just killed an entire family. Including a 6-year-old boy this past Monday in the La Pila district. Damn cowards. But soon we will avenge them. We're going to hit you sons of bitches where it most hurts you. You really fucked up against innocent civilians. They had nothing to do with our affairs. 

We're coming after you Luis Alemán Hernandez, Mancha from Guadalcázar, Pariente from Arista, Ruso, Nichos, Raúl, Peter Carreteras, Perica, Peri, Casias, Don Geras from the stockade, Pantera, Baldivio from the State Civl Guard, Daniel Sabe from the Ministerial Police Force, Ruben Salazar from the Huasteca region, David Zuniga from Tanquián de Escobedo, Andrai Soto from the State Civil Guard, Chicho from the State Civil Guard, the backstabber Lalo Martinez Martinez from Tamazunchale, and Jesus Sierra, you turncoat asshole from Lolotla, Hidalgo.

For everyone out there who is against the fucking Alemánes. Draw near to us so that you can share information about what’s left of these dumb asses. So, that we can finish them the fuck off. We’ll take care of the rest. Vampiro, Yogi, Cotorra, and Chino Barbas. Don’t be afraid of these fucking scumbags. The Alemánes cartel is fucking over at this point. As of now they even have problems with the Gulf cartel operatives from Matamoros. 

Those dumb bitches have royally fucked themselves. This video communique also goes out to all the independent narco pushers from the San Luis Potosí capital. For your own damn good start falling into formation fuckers. Act quickly before we decide to bust you all the fuck up. The state capital and the territory already has an owner. And it’s the Jalisco New Generation Cartel of Mr. Mencho. The future of San Luis Potosí is the 4 letters cartel. Sincerely, The Operativa Bélica

Sicarios all scream: We are the absolute Jalisco Cartel!!!

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  1. They ready with their military costumes for Halloween 🎃 already

  2. Mencho has sinaloan type corridos made for him, his idol is in colorado

    1. Damn right, all CJNG corridos are trash besides the ones he paid sinaloa groups to make for him like grupo arriesgado and alegres del barranco. They should stick to pirekuas 🤣

    2. "Pensaban que era muy fácil
      Para matar un señoron
      Pero contesto con plomo
      Y nunca se le rajo
      Entre la lluvia de balas
      Así se les escapo

      A los primeros balazos
      No hubo mucha resistencia
      Estaba con su familia
      Y no quería perderla
      Pero al ponerlos a salvo
      Empezó la traquetera
      Seis boludos federales
      En el cielo disparaban
      Pero el señor con sus gente
      Del suelo les contestaba
      Con cuernos y R15
      Y tubos lanza granadas

      JR avisaba
      Mi padre esta en problemas
      Quiero que cierren las calles
      Veredas y carreteras
      Que nos les llegue el apoyo
      A nosotros nos la pelan

      Al saber lo que pasaba
      Empezaron los bloqueos
      Por todo Guadalajara
      Y hasta parece un infierno
      Su gente bien activada
      Reaccionaron al momento

      Fueron seis la que cayeron
      De la gente de la señor
      También cayeron azules
      Para llenar un panteón
      Pero eso nunca lo sacan
      Le mienten a la nación
      Donde estaban los amigos
      Con los que según contaba
      Lo bueno es que el de la M
      Nunca se atiene de nada
      No más jalo su gatillo
      Y detono sus ganadas

      Pongan atención señores
      Mi nombre es Mencho Oseguera
      Por si quieren encontrarme
      Los espero allá en la sierra
      Váyanse bien preparados
      Porque va a temblara la tierra"

    3. 10:53 you are 100% right on that, that and the ratting are the only departments where Cds beats Cjng hands down

    4. 12:28 that’s just your opinion. How many folks always ask for Por Clave el Fresa & El Búho & el Doctor. There’s a couple good cjng corridos just like there is a couple good cds corridos.

    5. 11:20 you just proved my point. All those songs are made by Tijuana and Sinaloa artists 🤣buho and doctor were never even cjng either 🤣🤣JGL is bigger than any cjng corrido combined

  3. Aquí no puedes con los del Golfo

  4. Omg menchos men are by far the fiercest most explosive and well groomed sicarios in mexico, what a turn on ;).


    1. Te voy a dar unos tablazos Washington gurl
      You have been a bad girl

    2. You guys don't pay attention. I saw Mencho at a pop up taqueria by Pico Rivera/Commerce south of LA.

      He's low profile like Mayo.

  5. The greatest Mexicans:
    1) La Tuta
    The Prof is here! The Prof! The Professor! The Prof!! The Prof!!!
    2) El Marro
    El. Maroooooooooooho!! El Marrrrrrrooooohoho!!!
    3) Pena Nieto

  6. We are the absolute mob of El Señor Mencho

    1. You mean ghost Mencho.

    2. If menchos dead so is el mayo nobody seen him in years? Simple logic.

    3. Mencho ESTA muerto Mijo.

    4. Only a idiot would believe Menchos dead. Keep believing what Mencho wants you to believe small brains

    5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    6. Mencho se a hecho el muerto desde que salio su padre don Armando. Quien es el jefe ahora? su hijo el que antes era 3 y ahora es el 01

    7. Onde esta El Menchito? LoL

    8. Oye sorullo que el menchito es el unico tu yo 🤣

    9. 7:13 is Armando still with Inés Oseguera la mencha's cousin former wife of El Tisico?
      Does she have babies?

    10. Creo esa señora tiene uno de el tisico y otro de Armando

  7. Ya parece serie de Netflix !

  8. 6.37 get a real job!

  9. Hos stupid .. they have killed thousands of people...yet they feel they still have to threaten rivals... Pathetic

  10. Has SIR received his summons to serve the Russian Military??
    I think they will put him in the tank division.
    See if you can dodge US missiles.
    Putin needs more on the front lines.
    According to "Ukriform"......
    59,080 Military Russians have died since the war started in February.

    1. 12:03 You Trust Ukraine media?

    2. I trust Ukraine, they will win

    3. They will win... but destruction of their country.

    4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. You can tell the guys kneeling are ex marines because of their posture good stuff @Hearst

  12. Ill tell you what they do know how to make videos 😂.. makes me want to go drink some Buchanan and hit a line or two.

  13. I can't leave it like it is and say nothing. Ssshhhyyyyaattt. On any dotted line now. Pura firme. Puro Sierra poso en el cero. Yall came to zero and didn't even know about it. It ain't mines or mine fault you didn't figure it out. But hey... mine are here to tell you about it. If you feel like going on a little more then we'll put you there. Because a little more ain't shit to us. Somos de lo mas y mucho mas. Intregate guey. De pura seputura si queres.

  14. More narco message snitching from jaliscas


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