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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Normalistas May Have Been Alive Until October 4

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Military commanders could have been aware of the location of the students until that date

A part of the 43 Normalista students from the Normal Rural school of Ayotzinapa who disappeared on the night of September 26, 2014 could have been alive up to a week later, according to audios and documents from the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena), revealed the Group of Interdisciplinary Independent Experts (GIEl).

The Group indicated that in official encrypted texts found during the review of Sedena files, it is established that military commanders may have been aware of the location of the Normalistas until October 4, that is, a week after the disappearance of the students.

"These files that we found in Sedena show that on September 26 and October 4 there were telephone interceptions that talked about the young people, that talked about where the young citizens had to be sent, and some of them are from October 4, that is, several days after the events. These communications show that a portion of the young individuals would be alive in those days," explained Carlos Beristain, a Spanish doctor and psychologist, who was part of the Truth Commission in Colombia.

In his report, the GIEI specialists emphasize that these "technical telephone interventions" were not proportionate to the investigation or the search for the disappeared.

"The documents confirm that the Army (as well as the Cisen) had intervened the communications of relevant actors in the events, even when they were occurring, without judicial authorizations for this or the full content of the same is known," the document states. .

"In a Sedena document dated October 5, 2014, some of these interventions from September 26 and October 4, 2014 are included. This means that the military and Cisen authorities were informed in real time of what was happening. However, this information was not shared with the authorities in charge of the investigation, nor is there evidence that any specific search activity had been carried out," he adds.

In addition, at a press conference, the GIEl stated that a group of young people was brought that night before the control judge of Iguala, at that time Ulises Bernabé.

"Yes, a group of young people was taken that night to the municipal railings, probably the group of young people who were abducted on Juan N. Álvarez Street. We believe so. We do so in this third report that now we publish," he explained.

"Indeed, the control judge lied to us and has lied in different statements, that is also why and that is another of the questions, why, if the arrest warrant had been issued, was the arrest warrant cancelled, when this is an individual who undoubtedly participated in the concealment of their whereabouts?", Guatemalan Claudia Paz, a specialist in criminal law questioned.  


  1. Almost a decade and still a whodunit.

    1. For the first time is being investigated without scapegoats. That happened during past administration.

    2. 8:10 the more the cover-up,
      the higher the blame goes...
      Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, secretary of the interior and public security, giniral Cienpedos, secretary of education Emilio chuayfett chemor "la Emilia" and EPN have a lot of esplainin' to do

  2. Por andar de cagapalos. Te toca un mafioso y vales verga.

  3. Replies
    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Yes. With every new investigation or revelation it must feel like salt being rubbed into the wound.

    3. 11:23 Fuck the wounds,
      fall whoever falls.

  4. If several of them were kept alive, it was likely because someone at the top was trying to figure out what to do with them and/or wanted to get info out of them. In fact, some Guerreros Unidos members thought some of the students were working with Los Rojos or at least had relatives working for them. The fact that they hijacked/intercepted a bus that moved drugs from Iguala to Chicago, they thought Los Rojos were involved. Maybe they were, who knows.

    1. @9.40 Yeah I agree, sounds like they didn't know what to do with them after they realised it was a mistake, and the people who had illegally bugged the phones couldn't intervene without either breaking up an investigation or revealing their illegal methods? But I'm always sceptical when the suggested motive is ''they thought they were rival gang members''- it's been used so many times to cover up whatever is really going on, and the protection given. Like the Zetas migrant massacres- ''We thought all these terrified people, including women and children, were working for the Gulf.'' Yeah, course you did Huacho, you stunted little cross-eyed psychopath.

    2. Students, specially Teachers' College students, but many other universities students, have been hijacking buses to go to México City to protest the murdering in Tlatelolco, Three Culture Plaza prior to the México 68 World Olympiad, 54 years before the government grew a pair and protested the march on its own by kidnapping murdering and disappearing the Ayotzinapos whose School has been a target for disappearance itself for decades, under excuse of being a nest of guerrillas...
      Throw a bunch of drug traffickers, cartels drugs, chicago in the middle and voilá, the Ayotzinapos and others would never go to México City to bother pretty boy EPN a former student of Emilio Chuayfet Chemor, "La Emilia" EPN's secretary of education who had been involved in other massacres and scandals when he was secretary of governance with ernesto zedillo, "la Neta" until he had to resign over murders in Aguas Blancas, EL charcoal, Acteal-Chenalho.
      How can we forget that Omar Hamid Garcia Harfuch chief of the Policia Federal in Iguala is the grandson of "El Carnicero de Tlatelolco, secretario de la defense nacional" marcelino garcia barragan, "general de division" who had never won a war, but wrote a book called "Reporte De Guerra".
      Omarcito's Daddy was chief of drug trafficking DFS, JAVIER GARCIA is time to stop the bullshit.

  5. I thought the mayor and his wife had something to do with it

    1. They did the ex mayor called in curupt officials to get the ball rolling, to make the 43 disappear, all because she did not want them to go protest at an event she was attending.

    2. 4:12 They were not involved. Obviously were scapegoats, very common during passed administration of Enrique Peña Nieto (PRI), now living in Spain and wanted by Mexican authorities.

    3. 11:39
      You need to take a history class on Mexico. Most presidents that served Mexico, get bribes and more bribes to live a luxury lifestyle after they leave office, most leave Mexico, so they don't get arrested later.

    4. 12:35 The one who needs some lessons about Mexican history here is you... Those past presidents were from PRI, simplistic conclusions to a complex situation. Keep trying clown. The situation is much deeper than "taking bribes".

    5. 7:53 "she" was Not the mayor, Maria de las Angeles's Abarca was the first lady of "the Pareja Imperial de Iguala", her husband jose Luis abarca was mayor and both are in prison for other murders, they murdered 3 or two people of a group of 5, the others escaped, the cadavers were found in a shallow grave soon after, HOW WOULD THEY KIDNAP AND DISAPPEAR 43 AYOTZINAPOS so efficiently?
      Worse, how would the Abarcas hijack the C4 communications between army, SEDENA, CISEN, FEDERAL POLICE and marinas without complicity of Cienpedos and EPN?
      Dear BB commenters, do not believe all the BS we get fed, not even from AMLO, anabel Fernandez, loret de moolah, diario MX, me, or Sol.
      By the time the Ayotzinapos were attacked, her event was over by a few hours...

  6. 43 students kidnapped and butchered! And nothing from corrupt, lazy, uncaring elites! If that shit happened in USA there would be a 1000 heavily armed cops and choppers and everything the GREAT USA has hunting for the criminals and the victims! Not in Mexico though! Couple hundred dollars and you own somebody! Your pathetic Mexico

    1. USA cant even give a trial for the piece of sh*t that killed innocent people in Walmart (Texas 2019) for no other reason than racism... Uvalde case still unsolved... and now you want to compare judicial systems... go grab a big mac, would be more productive than giving your opinion on matters you hardly understand. You and your opinions are pathetic.

    2. 11:35 Here's fun facts for you...

      #1. Walmart suspect pleaded guilty along time ago and is getting life in prison, with no parole

      #2. Uvalde case has been solved, a mentally unstable , youngster that turned 18, shot up a classroom.
      Case is closed.
      Now go grab me a beer from the fridge.

    3. 12:26

      -"Walmart mass shooting trial: Prosecution wants 2023 start, defense wants a delay to 2025" - El Paso Times

      -"Families of three Uvalde shooting survivors sue school district, gun makers, city officials and others" -TexasTribune Sept. 29, 2022

      Update your facts rac*st piece of .... Grab that BigMac, thats more productive than your pointless points.

    4. 1.20 him/her 12.26
      It was made clear as a crystal ball, and you still crying pathetic loser😂🤣🤣😆

    5. 2:03 Your message isnt clear.

    6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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