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Monday, September 5, 2022

Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua: Simultaneous Armed Attacks Leave One Dead And Three Injured

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Two different armed attacks left a balance of 3 people injured, as well as a dead person during the afternoon of this Sunday.

At least one person lost his life and 3 more were injured, after gunmen riddled them in 2 different violent events recorded this afternoon.

In the first of the cases, three men were shot this afternoon a few blocks from the State Social Reintegration Center No. 3, on Tres Castillos and El Terrero streets, in the Toribio Ortega neighborhood.

The three men were traveling in a black Chevrolet truck when they were surprised by gunmen and, according to witnesses, the driver tried to enter a gas station that is at said intersection, when they were shot.

On the street, 17 shell casings of different calibers were counted, while the injured were taken to a hospital for emergency care.

Relatives arrived at the scene of the attack to try to obtain information about their loved ones.

Simultaneously, a young man was shot to death near this place, in the Primero de Septiembre neighborhood.

The armed attack occurred on Nicolás Hermosillo and José Velarde Romero streets, in the Primero de Septiembre neighborhood.

The body was left lying in the middle of the street, with several bullet wounds.


  1. Juarez is bad right now. I live in west El Paso and go to Juarez every weekend. That barbacoa is too good. People are in high alert, things are tense. I hope things can come back to some normalcy but they haven't been like that since 2008. I'm fortunate to live in El Paso since 2005, although I don't have many luxuries. Peace to Juarez.

    1. Viva Argentina
      They tried to asasinate our vice president.

    2. 1:47 her security detail obviously ain't worth a fuck.


    4. Mrs Kircher VP, gets to live another day.
      Lucky her, the gun failed to work.


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