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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Mexicali, Baja California: Four Individuals Murdered In Less Than 24 Hours

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

One of them was found inside an old refrigerator next to the National Guard facilities, west of the urban area.

Four people were killed in a 24-hour period, after various attacks and incidents that occurred throughout Mexicali.

Shootings and various findings, including a charred corpse, were part of the violent events that took place from 9 a.m. on Wednesday, August 10, to Thursday, August 11.

The first discovery occurred next to the National Guard facilities, located in the Las Magdalenas neighborhood, west of the urban roadway, where the body of an individual, apparently male, was reported, deposited inside an abandoned refrigerator in the area. 

When the uniformed officers inspected the container, they realized that it was in an advanced state of immolation, which made physical identification impossible.

Around 10 p.m., on Zafiro Avenue and Océano Atlántico, in the El Vidrio neighborhood, another violent event was reported in which a male individual, with a slim build, dark complexion, wearing a blue long-sleeved shirt and jeans of the same color.

The victim was inside a red 2006 Ford Ikon car with license plates AJY3319 and had six gunshot wounds to the arm and left side.

Neighbors reported the incident, but could not provide information about the aggressors or the victim, since - they assured - they did not know the victim's information or identity.

Just after midnight, on Río Usumacinta avenue and Sixth street, in the Haro Barnet neighborhood, another armed attack took place.

Municipal police from the Eastern Zone went to the scene and found the body of Irving Joel Morales Zavala, 39 years old, a resident of the community.

Next to him was a co-worker, who narrated that moments before she was with Irving Joel, when a white vehicle arrived, from which unknown individuals fired a handgun.

The deceased today had several wounds on the face, shoulder and neck, which caused fatal injuries.

After the patrol carried out by the police, a Chevrolet Aveo car was located, without license plates, completely burned, on Atoyac Avenue, very close to where the crime was committed.

Not even two hours had passed when a few streets from where the previous crime was perpetrated, another murder was reported.

It was on Río Santa Cruz Avenue, near the corner of Novena, in the Nuevo Mexicali neighborhood, where the crime was committed.

According to a witness to the event, he observed a young man on the street corner when he suddenly heard a "gunfire".

Upon returning, he observed a male individual lying on the ground, who was later identified as Jesús Marino Varela, 32 years old, who perished while being treated at clinic 37 of the IMSS.

In neither case were there arrests.

Zeta Tijuana


  1. Juarez is heating up today.
    A group seems to be targeting civilian businesses. They have been shooting and burning some convenience stores and two people died in one burnt to death.
    A riot in the Cereso number three broke out and at least two people where killed today.
    Both were Chapos.
    Diario de Juarez is the source.

  2. We see it as a corpse, but I bet his mother would just see her little boy curled up as if trying to stay warm.

  3. Homie just chilling drinking a beer and some MF starts blasting at him for whatever reason. Fucking insecurity, can't even legally carry a firearm of any caliber to defend yourself because the sorry ass government won't change the law and 95% of the time police aren't nearby to chase and arrest or kill the murderers. QEPD

    1. Big facts… imagine armed Mexican civs like USA has armed civs.

  4. Mexico the violence needs to stop…the goal is to make money no need for violence

  5. Guns would help some innocents but before that happens a Big Mentality change is needed Bribes and other evil doings have been breed into certain groups That meeds to change first and to have a Free Republican Democrtic goverment would surly help
    to much gap between rich and poor


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