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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua: Concerned Relatives Cause Cereso Prison Damage Wanting Answers

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Relatives of inmates have caused various damages to the property

Relatives of the inmates in Cereso #3 of Ciudad Juárez, tried to force themselves into the prison to demand information about the situation in which their relatives prevail.

Within the claims, a group of people demolished part of the prison center parking lot structure. Prior to this they damaged one of the stockade sales booths.

The State Attorney General's Office reported through a statement that elements of the three government orders managed to contain a fight that appeared on Thursday afternoon at the Cereso prison.

The preliminary report establishes that around 1:00 p.m. a fight broke out in one of the areas of the prison, which resulted in inmates being abducted who are part of rival gangs.

In addition, it was announced that three inmates of the Cereso lost their lives in the clashes.

The place remains under the guard of elements from the municipal and state police.

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  1. is it true Double R escaped authorities? not 100 percent sure but someone on YouTube reported it

    1. Based on declarations of one of the family members visiting inmates when the attack occurred, told they burned the entrance and they had to escape braking a windows. She affirmed Mexicles were specifically looking from some members of AA, explaining their response outside CERESO.

    2. Ain't Doble R from CJNG

    3. Yep Doble R actually does what his corridos say, unlike Fakeloas corridos

    4. @10:29 no one cares. Calm down.

    5. 10:14 RR stands for Roldofo Ramos

    6. 10:14 RR Roldofo Ramos
      Is a midget 🤣


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