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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Guadalupe, Zacatecas: Following An Armed Attack Police Arrest Hitmen

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The security operation was deployed after an armed attack in the municipality of Guadalupe

Following a chase down the metropolitan boulevard, police officers arrested suspected criminals and seized firearms.

The spokesperson for the State Peacebuilding Board confirmed that the deployment of the security forces originated from the announcement of an armed attack in the La Zacatecana community in the municipality of Guadalupe.

Officially, the number of people apprehended was not specified, although there was talk on social networks of three alleged hitmen trapped. It also surfaced that a man was executed in that town.

Intelligence work and the quick reaction of the federal, state and municipal security corporations, allowed the capture of "people", indicated the police spokesperson.

A vehicle was hit in the Guadalupe-Zacatecas metropolitan area, around 2:30 p.m. this Wednesday at Vips, in which the probable perpetrators of the aforementioned aggression were circulating.

In this same operation, it was reported, on Adolfo López Mateos Boulevard, a Road Police agent suffered a traffic accident and was transferred to receive medical attention.

The deployment was extended to other points in the state capital, said the State Board.

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  1. Twenty years ago, the hitmen would have gotten away. The people of Zacatecas are tired of the drama and finally putting the money needed into security.

  2. Arrested wtf just kill them on the spot, they will be let out before the weekend starts.

  3. Susticacan is an incredibly beautiful town. The residents show incredible pride in maintaining their community. Anyone making a trip to Zacatecas should visit there.
    Fresnillo used to be a working class town. Crime was never a problem for the majority. Now Fresnillo is a no go zone.
    It's a shame what the narcos have turned Zacatecas into. This article reveals that Zacatecans are finally starting to take back their state. I hope this momentum continues.

    1. 1:31 the Monriales are at it again, they need at least Zacatecas to compete for the presidency of México around 2024 IF AMLO DIES or resigns his presidency for life...

    2. Quién chingados quiere tener a ese lacra vividor por más tiempo de presidente? Que se vaya a "leer un libro" con su brillante vieja


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