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Thursday, July 21, 2022

Villagrán, Guanajuato: Armed Men Kidnap Man For His Vehicle

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

A man was threatened by armed people in his luxury BMW vehicle at a gas station in Villagrán and was taken away. 

Men with long weapons and bulletproof vests threatened the driver of a luxury car at a gas station and took him by force along with his vehicle.

Through social networks, a video from days past was broadcast where it is observed how a motorist is abducted from his vehicle. 

According to reports from Internet users, the events occurred at the gas station located on the alternate thoroughfare to Villagrán and the road that goes to the community of Torrecillas.

He was going to get gasoline in his BMW car when armed men arrive. And forced him to get out.

The recording shows how the driver of a white BMW vehicle was parked at one of the pumps to be dispatched.

In that, another white Honda vehicle arrives from which at least three men get out carrying long weapons and wearing hooded sweatshirts.

The criminals point at the driver to force him to get out of the truck and with struggles they pass him to the back seat.

The victim initially objects, but eventually they force him into the back seat and one of the assailants drives.

The video shows when one of the employees approached to serve the customer, but when he saw what was happening he ran to take cover.

Everything seems to indicate that the men only seized the vehicle and then the affected person was released. However, so far the authorities have not provided information in this regard.


  1. See what happens when you show in a new car

    1. Very true. Happened to me once in Boston and again in Dallas.

    2. Just let the man go 🙏 I bet they don't why ???

  2. They have Beemers in mekeeko?

    1. 11:13 "they" make BMWs in México, most of them name brands have operations in MX because the powerful mighty mexican intellect migrants are not wanted on the US making millions of dollars a day...
      Onion picking positions remain available for illegal aliens.

    2. No mames... "they" are merely mano de obra peasants working for cerebroa Alemanes y extranjeros.

    3. 1:12 remember when the chinese started being mano de obra peasants working with US offshorers of US Industries?
      Lucky Mexicans are not captive communist chinese prisoners and get paid more than 40 cents a week.

    4. not just beemers, there's lamorghini, ferrari, aston martin dealerships

  3. A mi me robaron una Italika que aún la debía al Elektra .


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