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Thursday, July 21, 2022

El H Located & Arrested For Killing 6 in Shooting At Children's Party near León, Guanajuato

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat 

One of the cartel gunmen who shot up a party in the Santa María de Cementos neighborhood of León, Guanajuato, was arrested.

The Arrest

A few minutes after noon on July 20, 2022, the state Attorney General’s Office (FGE) announced that Pablo ‘N’, alias “El H”, an alleged shooter in the attack on a children’s party, had been arrested and has been criminally charged. 

The arrest was made by agents of the FGE’s Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) and state police personnel during an operation at an unspecified location within the city of León. At the time of his arrest, El H was found to be in possession of a 9mm firearm. 

Video Source: FGE Guanajuato

Video Source: Gamaliel Reyes

His seized firearm underwent a number of forensic firearm tests and it was found to match characteristics of the ballistic evidence found at the party’s crime scene. 

The Shooting at The Children's Party

As covered previously by Ivan, during the morning of July 10, 2022, the López Ruiz prepared to celebrate a number of family events together. One of their grandchildren had been baptized, another of their grandchildren had their first communion and another had recently had a birthday. 

Warning: There will be graphic photos below this point. 

López Ruizs were hosting one big, collective party to celebrate all the events at their home on Costas del Mar Caspio street, which is located in the Santa María de Cementos neighborhood, in the southern part of the city of Leon.

The party was held partially outdoors and went late into the night. At about 40 minutes past midnight, on July 10, 2022, at least four men on at least two motorcycles rode down the street and stopped in front of the party. The motorcyclists took out firearms and began firing into the crowd, allegedly targeting two men in attendance. The music that was playing stopped almost as soon as the shots rang out. 

When the targets ran into the house for cover from the gunfire, some of the gunmen chased them inside and shot them to death within the house. 

Neighbors who witnessed the shooting reported hearing cries for help coming out of the house, from people who had just been hit by the gunfire. They spotted the motorcyclists fleeing the area, driving in the direction of Timoteo Lozano Boulevard. 

Eight people from the party were injured in the attack and 6 were killed. The names of those who died are as follows: 

José Salomé Ruiz Hernández, 66 years old 

Mayra Guadalupe Ruiz López, 38 years old

Hugo Abraham Mata, 34 years old

José Antonio, 25 years old

Cintia Ruiz López, 20 years old

Juan José Cordero López, 17 years old

Interview with the Secretary of Public Security 

Secretary of the State Public Security, Sophia Huett López, spoke to reporters about the ongoing investigation into the shooting on July 11, 2022 at around 11:30 am. 

Secretary Sophia Huett: It is not a random attack. It is not something that can happen indiscriminately to people, in general. The event has a history [to it]. 

Reporter: Does one of the victims have a [criminal] history?

Secretary Sophia Huett: It is likely. 

Reporter: Does one of the minor victims have a [criminal] history?

Secretary Sophia Huett: It is likely. 

She stated that she cannot comment further on the backgrounds of any of the victims since it is part of an active investigation.

When asked further about the motive, she said “It was not random. It is not that it was a children's party or a family party. What I can tell you about it is that it is part of what we have been talking about before - a criminal rivalry. And well, in this case, a very direct aggression against someone who already has a [criminal] record.”

Adding that the attack was “committed by people on motorcycles with one objective: two people, with very specific identities.”

Secretary Sophia Huett: We must be careful with the issue of social shelter [or permissiveness] for crime. We must be careful with what is happening in our own homes, because those who buy drugs - directly or indirectly - are financing the purchase of weapons, the hiring of new hitmen, and so on and so forth. 

Today, we have before us criminals who do not hesitate to go after a criminal objective - not just against one person, [they are] willing to commit revenge attacks, or to take extremely aggressive and violent actions, such as murder, of those who are not even their targets but are simply present.

There is no criminalization [of drug use] because we know that today families are going through a complicated time. I insist that their best allies in those types of situations are the authorities, because essentially - and I am not just speaking in this particular case - the Prosecutor's Office is the one who will be deciding on these things [if they prosecute them].  But when one family member participates [in drugs], they put their entire family at risk. 

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  1. One of the female victims has her pants half way down. Was she in the restroom when this POS "H" murdered her? This should be a case of "Tablazos, Putazos y Cuetazos"

    1. 2:01 She was showing that she was a minor to escape the killing

  2. I have a question nobody asks about RQ. Why does the Us want to exterdite him and never bothered to exterdite Miguel Félix Gallardo and Don Neto when they all got sentenced for the murder of Kiki Camarena

    1. There is some compelling circumstantial and behavioral evidence that suggests Caro Quintero, rather than Gallardo or Neto, was the most likely to have initiated the abduction and torture of Kiki.

      But you really can't discuss these things in the comment section here. Some commenters are... creative in what they think really happened and very passionate in letting you know their theories.

    2. @HEARST let it rip. Nah just kidding😂, might be some way out theories. I think some audio recordings exist and might be the basis for why DEA has a hard-on for RCQ.

    3. I wouldn't be surprised if they even said meth smoking aliens sicarios killed Camarena.

    4. I think the main reason why the US wants Caro's extradition and had been after him so much is because unlike Neto and Gallardo, RCQ was illegitimately released from prison comparatively young while they have remained in prison until poor health took over. RCQ was still active in the drug trade and went into hiding. And likely was the most active person in Kiki's death as it was his grow farm that was busted as part of that.

    5. I remember when Caro was released a BB reader posted "he beat the system". Lol, look at him now.

    6. 9:36 posing and pretending counts for a lot to US letter soup, that why administrations come and administrations go and old shit keeps them plugged up in covering-up for old cover-ups...
      latest BS the Secret Service erasing their phones clean for Jan 6 2021

  3. What a cruel yet Mexico numb thing to say; it is likely victims had criminal history….ever heard of mistaken identity?

    1. Basically it was revenge shuck that people do stuff then get innocent people caught in cross fire


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