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Tuesday, July 12, 2022

San Miguel Topilejo, CDMX: Shooting Leaves Two Police Officers Injured And 14 Arrested

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The head of the Citizen Security Secretariat, Omar García Harfuch, said that the confrontation is the result of an operation to free two kidnapped people.

A confrontation was recorded between elements of the SSC and alleged criminals from Topilejo.

On the afternoon of this Tuesday, July 12, and through social networks, users reported a shooting in Topilejo, for which a mobilization was registered on the Mexico-Cuernavaca highway.

However, the head of the Secretariat for Citizen Security (SSC), Omar García Harfuch, confirmed on his official Twitter account the confrontation between police and criminals in that town.

"A few minutes ago there was a confrontation between SSC personnel and criminals in Topilejo, we have detainees and two wounded comrades. Long weapons and drugs were seized," he said.

Shooting in Topilejo, the result of an operation to free kidnapped victims.

Later, the head of the SSC reported that there are 14 detainees, and that the confrontation in the area of the Tlalpan neighborhood is the result of an operation to free two people who remained kidnapped.

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  1. Harfuch still has a hard on for Mencho, media is trying to distract citizens, kind of funny it happen so close to me Menso I mean mecho hide out

    1. Media distraction, not only that Mencho died February 2022 and the cartel still writes banners as if he is still alive. Who the hell they think they are fooling

    2. Maybe he will return from the dead and get killed riding a donkey.

  2. How do ordinary people live their lives when their country is overrun by marauding gangs of drug crazed killers and everyone knows someone who is involved with those killers or has been killed by them?

    1. This shit smells of Omarcito Hamid Garcia Harfuch...
      as soon as people started accusing him of staging the attack on his bullet proof SUV, the whole shit went out of the main pages, his padrino Genarco Garcia Luna has published omarciro's love letters begging for a job, and his deals with guerreros Unidos have been exposed on telephone calls, along with his permission to leave Ayotzinapa he granted to himself the day after the Ayotzinapos were taken alive and disalpeared.
      Pinche Fantasma de Ayotzinapa needs to shut the fuck up.


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