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Friday, July 15, 2022

San Luis Potosí: SLP: Armed Attack Between CJNG And Los Alemanes

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This afternoon there was a confrontation between assassins of the CJNG vs Cartel Los Alemánes on Salk Avenue in the Progreso neighborhood of San Luis Potosi.

It was reported that at least two clashes were recorded in different parts of the city

At least two shootings were recorded in San Luis Potosí this Thursday afternoon, and although the state authority doesn’t report injured people, citizens on social networks indicate two wounded.

The first confrontation occurred on Salk Avenue, near the overpass, in the 6 de Junio ​​neighborhood, where two armed groups clashed.

The authority hasn’t reported whether this was a clash between criminals or a police operation. A video was published on social networks in which civilians shoot at others with long weapons. The subjects wear bulletproof vests and get out of a dark SUV with police siren lights.

Other reports on networks highlight a chase with gunfire, on highway 57, in the direction of Querétaro, near Sendero, 'caltrops' were found lying on the roadway. 

At this moment there isn’t a report that the so-called Civil Guard of San Luis Potosí has ​​arrested any of the alleged criminals.

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